There Is Hope for Your Gums

At PerioPeak Innovations we treat gum disease with a procedure known as Regenerative Periodontal Endsocopy, or RPE. RPE is a non-invasive and affordable alternative option over gum surgery, tooth extractions, and blind deep cleanings (root planing). Have you been told you need expensive laser surgery, painful osseous surgery and/or tooth extractions? Are you afraid of losing your teeth? Contact us for a free comprehensive consultation.

Before & After

before RPE after RPE

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Before & After Results

This non invasive treatment is completed in just one appointment utilizing advanced perioscopy technology. Our before-and-after case studies clearly demonstrate our remarkable results without periodontal surgery.  

Patients' Testimonials

I am so lucky to have found you. I wish the same for my fellow periodontal sufferers.
Lucy - New York, NY

Your extraordinary protocol has returned my oral health to a level well beyond my expectations!
Ron - Seattle, WA

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Professionals' Testimonial

Judy, Pat yourself on the back. You do great work!
Albert Frydman, DDS, MS, Periodontist

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What Is RPE?

RPE is a fraction of the cost of periodontal surgery and laser surgical procedures. RPE is a very specific protocol utilizing host modulated therapy, a tiny microscope (perioscope), and regenerative proteins. (Emdogain). Review the research.

How to Become a Patient

First, send your x-rays and periodontal charting to us for review, we then provide a complimentary consultation by phone. Following the consultation, we go over treatment fees and time frames. There is no down time or dietary changes following RPE. All follow up is provided by your dentist six months following RPE with detailed records provided by us. START HERE