Before and after pictures of a non invasive periodontal disease treatment, RPE℠ – Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy℠

Before and after pictures of a patient treated at PerioPeak Innovations with a non-invasive treatment approach called Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy℠, or RPE℠.

 The young female patient below came to PerioPeak with advanced stage periodontal disease, with generalized 5-13mm pockets.  This patient was very interested in a non invasive approach over traditional surgery to treat her periodontal disease.  She had undergone traditional root planing (deep cleanings) with marginal results, she continued to have deep periodontal pockets with chronic infection, bleeding, and inflammation.

This patient opted for Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy℠, RPE℠ over periodontal surgery and extractions of her teeth.

See her before and after photos


             Before RPE℠ – 10mm pocket                                            10 months after RPE℠ – 2mm



                Before RPE℠ – 11mm pocket                                 10 months after RPE℠ – 1mm


            Before RPE℠ – 13mm pocket                                           10 months after RPE℠ – 2mm


Before RPE℠ 7-8mm  with bleeding                                      After RPE℠ 2mm – health restored


    Before RPE℠  – 8mm pocket                                             After RPE℠ 3mm – health restored


    Before RPE℠ – 8mm pocket                                 10 months after RPE℠ – 3mm health restored


Before RPE℠   9-10mm pockets                                      After RPE℠ – 2mm tight healthy gums


Before RPE℠ 8-9mm pockets                                                     After RPE℠ 2-3mm


Before RPE℠ – 7mm furcation                                      After RPE℠ – 2mm – health restored


Before 7mm                                                               After – 3mm

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