Periodontal Endoscopy Hands-on Courses and Observation

We have always had an “open door” clinic policy for Perio-endoscopy/RPE℠ observation.  With 14 years of clinical periodontal endoscope experience we can offer the most advanced hands-on courses currently available.  Proven protocols take time to develop through thousands of hours of direct observational research. If you are considering incorporating the dental endoscope technology into your dental practice, but are not quite sure about making the investment, we invite you to our clinic for an informative day of clinical perio-endoscopy/RPE observation (shadowing).


We welcome any clinician to come observe an actual perio-endoscopy/RPE℠ case.  You will be forever changed after spending a day shadowing Judy Carroll, RDH or one of her trained specialists.

Students learning excellent perio-endoscopy skills in two days (basic certification).

We teach what we call a “fast track” perio-endoscopy program, designed to have you mastering many clinical skills in minimal time.  The key is teaching with advanced adjunctive technologies and methods.  We utilize piezo ultrasonic technology, combined with host modulated therapy and regenerative proteins (EMD).  We also teach advanced digital photography for excellent case documentation.