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Case 3: Bleeding, painful, itchy gums restored to health

Bleeding, painful, itchy gums restored to health – severe chronic inflammation
Before RPE – severe chronic inflammation
Bleeding, painful, itchy gums restored to health – health restored
3 months after RPE – health restored

The patient above had root planing at the periodontist and was not satisfied that his periodontal disease was arrested. He was correct. Notice the severe floss cuts associated with persistent "itchy" and painful chronic inflammation. In addition, the gums bleed easily. This is due to an inappropriate immune response, which can be treated effectively using sub-antimicrobial dose doxycycline – SDD (low dose doxycycline 20mg), and thoroughly cleaning the roots using periodontal endoscopy. This patient had residual heavy black calculus (tartar) trapped deep under his gums, left behind after traditional root planing with the periodontist. Read more about How Periodontal Endoscopy Works to eliminate harmful root deposits definitively.