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Case 2: Rapid Bone Fill - Bridge Extraction Avoided

This patient traveled in from Oregon to undergo an advanced perioscope procedure called RPE – Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy, utilizing periodontal endoscopy technology and amelogenin proteins (Emdogain®). She had many teeth considered "hopeless" by the periodontist. She was treatment planned for extraction of the bridge anchor tooth #31 due to the advanced bone loss seen on the x-ray.

Rapid Bone Fill - Bridge Extraction Avoided
Before 10mm
Rapid Bone Fill - Bridge Extraction Avoided
3 months after – 3mm

Only three months after undergoing RPE at PerioPeak Innovations, rapid bone fill can be seen in the x-ray taken by her general dentist. Her pockets went from 10mm to 3mm in all areas. Her dentist and hygienist were so stunned by the result they rechecked the data several times. This patient's result is a good example of how extractions and implants may be avoided with an advanced economical alternative called RPE.