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Case 1: Treatment for a Tooth Abscess

Margaret was told by her dentist and periodontist that she needed full mouth periodontal surgery and that her front tooth (#10) needed to be extracted due to the advanced bone loss and severe periodontal abscess present. Her front tooth was very loose. She was understandably very scared and shocked by the diagnosis and treatment recommendation. She was also overwhelmed with the cost involved.

Margaret decided to seek out a second opinion and found PerioPeak Innovations. She decided to undergo a more advanced treatment option called Restorative Periodontal Endoscopy - or RPE.

Four weeks later she showed amazing results! Her pockets reduced from a depth of 5-10mm generalized, with three periodontal abscesses present, to just 2-4mm generalized probe measurements with no bleeding. She now has 'abscess free' tight and healthy gums.

tooth abscess

Only three months after RPE an x-ray was taken of her front tooth (#10). Incredibly it showed rapid bone regeneration occurring and was no longer loose. Margaret was thrilled with her result! She experienced no pain or discomfort during or after her procedure. 

tooth abscess

tooth abscess

Margaret's Experience In Her Own Words:

In October of 2005, a loose front tooth and abscess forced an emergency appointment with my dentist. I was told, 'Of course, you will have to lose that tooth; and we'll have to schedule you for periodontal surgery in two weeks.' My pockets were from 5 to 10 mm.

WHOA!! What that meant was cutting all my gums down to the roots, the final cost was overwhelming! I was so scared. No dentist had EVER told me that my periodontal disease was THAT bad!

So . . . I figured, there must be something else between having a reasonably healthy mouth and 'filleting' my gums. I went on-line and found Judy Carroll of PerioPeak Innovations. She told me what 'perioscopy' and RPE was all about, so I decided to go to her for the procedure.

I am in awe of what Judy does! Since having perioscopy in November, my gums have not been puffy, sore, or bleeding. I have no pockets. While still somewhat sensitive, my once-loose tooth is firmly in place, and the x-rays show new bone growing around this tooth and many others.

I had a post-perioscopy three-month cleaning (02/06) with no soreness or bleeding! I can't wait to show my dentist the evidence: 'See? This is what can result from an alternative, less-invasive procedure!