Cost of Periodontal Treatments

The Cost of Periodontal Disease Treatments:

This post will help clarify and define the costs involved in available periodontal treatment options, including Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy (RPE), Perioscopy (visual root planing only), Osseous Periodontal Surgery, Extractions, Implants, traditional laser periodontal therapy, LANAP (blind laser root planing method), and traditional blind root planing combined with Arestin (antibiotics). Fees may vary depending on location and independent provider.

Below is an example of a treatment plan to replace one front tooth with an implant after the extraction of one tooth (this is from 2004, fees are much higher now).  This is a good example of just how important it is to save natural teeth, rather than undergoing extractions.

  • Simple Extraction                             $150
  • Tomographic series                          $262
  • Implant Placement                          $1900
  • Provisional temp. crown                   $250
  • Abutment placement                        $500
  • Porcelain Crown                               $1000

Total Fees for one implant =         $4062  (this fee does not include bone grafting or sinus lift)

These fees are fairly typical of what many individuals face to replace one tooth.

In contrast, the cost to save one to eight teeth in a quadrant with Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy is only $750 – $1500, depending on the severity of bone loss and the number of teeth treated.   View an actual case comparing cost of treating one tooth with Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy (RPE) instead.

How much do full mouth extractions followed by implants cost? Many of our clients were facing full mouth extractions and were given a $50K – 80K treatment plan by their dentist and periodontist.  This option is certainly definitive and comprehensive, but may not be a good option for everyone.  There is also the risk of the implants failing (which is often not discussed). The devastating implications of full mouth extractions can have an enormous negative impact on a person’s life and self-esteem.  While the cost alone is staggering, the enormous time involved with the many follow up appointments, as well as the predictable discomfort, make this a very difficult decision if other viable, less invasive options may be available.  Below is one such example.

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What are the fees for Osseous Periodontal Surgery with or without extractions?

We have treated clients from all over the world faced with 4 quadrants (full mouth) of osseous periodontal surgery.  Fees for this procedure vary depending on how many extractions are recommended, as well as bone grafts or regenerative materials used during the surgery.  Osseous surgery fees can range from $1500 – $3500 per quadrant depending on the number of teeth treated.  This may or may not involve extractions.

If teeth need to be extracted there are
additional fees for replacing lost teeth, either with implants, a bridge, or partial dentures.  Fees can add up quickly, easily taking the total for one quadrant (section) to over $5000.

The patient below was facing full mouth osseous surgery:

This patient was facing a $12,000 surgical treatment plan.  By having RPE instead her fees were less than a third of that total.

How much is root planing or “deep cleanings” with local delivery antibiotics such as Arestin?

This non-definitive traditional approach leaves much to be desired in results with advanced cases.   Osseous or flap surgery usually follows this non-definitive approach due to the inability of the clinician to see and remove all the disease causing deposits and plaque on the roots in deep pockets.   Learn the objective truth about the limitations of root planing. Fees for traditional root planing can range from $230 per quadrant to $375 per quadrant. Add to this the fees for Arestin (an antibiotic) placed under the gums during this non-definitive treatment.  Arestin is charged out at $35-$110 per site (one tooth may have several sites), if a patient has multiple deep pockets in one quadrant the fees can add up quickly.  The research is unremarkable, demonstrating a reduction in pocket depths of less than 1mm.   Due to the ineffectiveness of this approach it may be repeated every few months, annually, or every three years.

What is the cost of multiple rounds of traditional laser periodontal therapy?

Typical fees for traditional non-definitive laser periodontal therapy range from $250 – $400 per session (there are usually 6-8 sessions in all).
There is very little research demonstrating clinical benefit for this
more traditional treatment approach – tartar typically remains in deep
periodontal pockets as the literature demonstrates.  Laser periodontal
therapy is performed blindly under the gums in an attempt to arrest the
disease by “killing bacteria”.  Since tartar in deep pockets and decay
may go undetected for months or years,  any benefit of killing bacteria
with the laser may be short term.

What are the fees for LANAP?

After reviewing fees for many offices
providing lanap around the country we have determined fees to have a
wide range, depending on the severity and the individual clinician offering lanap.  Fees for full mouth lanap treatment range between $4000 to $15,000.
The consultation for treatment may cost up to $450.  Lanap is not intended for the treatment of single teeth according to the trained clinicians providing it, therefore only full mouth treatment is performed.

What are the fees for Perioscopy?

Fees for Perioscopy (just cleaning of the roots visually) has generally not changed much over the past two decades.  Fees can vary somewhat if the office providing perioscopy charges by “time” rather than by quadrant.   In our experience a quadrant fee can be anywhere from $450 to $900.   If antibiotics are used adjunctively, such as Arestin or Atridox, additional fees would apply, as well as examination fees; and for many offices traditional root planing fees are charged prior to the actual perioscopy treatment.

What are the fees for Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy – RPE?

Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy – RPE can prevent steep costs by eliminating or reducing the need for extractions, traditional flap surgery, osseous surgery,  repetitive treatment with perioscopy, traditional root planing, or laser periodontal surgery.

Fees for RPE can range from $750 per quadrant to $1500 per quadrant.  Full mouth RPE treatment can range from $3000 to $6000, depending on the severity of disease and the number of teeth treated.  There are no fees for the examination or digital records.  RPE is performed in one appointment, or two short appointments, and local anesthetic is used for comfort.  One tooth can be treated with this modality (rather than requiring full mouth treatment as with LANAP), fees for one tooth can be $750-$1200, depending on the severity.  No traditional root planing is recommended before RPE due to the recession it typically creates.

Watch a short video to see how this pioneering treatment works.