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Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy - RPE - utilizing periodontal endoscopy technology, is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and cost-effective treatment for periodontal disease. Patients appreciate a non-surgical option, the nearly-painless procedure, and the considerable savings in time and money. Dental professionals appreciate referring their patients for an effective, non-surgical periodontal disease solution.


Good morning:

In the forty years of practicing periodontics, trained by Dr. Timothy J. O'Leary who was most intent on initial preparation, I have not seen such magnificent results, nor thoroughness of attention to detail as with Chad. Several years ago T gave up conventional periodontal surgical methods for LANAP, which I find works amazingly well. Not only from the standpoint of clinical results, but that of patient acceptance. However, the results I saw following your treatment were truly amazing. The incorporation of a multitude of approaches and having him whole heartedly accept these recommendations which led to the results has given him an opportunity to maintain and retain his teeth.

I am particularly interested in the application of Emdogain and the clinical results and histology associated with long termed results utilizing your approach. Do you have any literature recommendations published not by those who sell Emdogain or the Perioscope? I would be most interested in reading them. Also, when you do have incomplete anticipated results (failures) what do you ascribe as the reason(s) for the failure.

Again, exceedingly nice results you have achieved. I also will be calling to talk with you about training with the Perioscope.


Page P. Barden, D.D.S., M.S.D., F.L.C.O.I.

Dear Judy,

I would like to update you as to the progress of:


After having treatment with yourselves, Miriam joined our practice for maintenance and has since been attending every 3 months for hygienist visits and 6 monthly dental review appointments. I am pleased to report her progress has been excellent. Miriam has maintained her commitment to oral hygiene and regular visits.

Whilst there are still fine, minor deposits of calculus there has been no bleeding on probing and no evidence of marginal gingivitis since we have been seeing. All pocketing sites are within 5mm except the LR7, which is currently 6mm, but this is an improvement on the 9mm recorded prior to your treatment.

I wish you all the best,

Yours sincerely,

Dr Kam Chana
BDS (Lond), Dip Con Sed (Newc), PGCert (Restorative), PGCert (Aesthetic), PGCert (Dental implants)

Far Headingley Dental Care
174 Otley Road
LS16 5LG


Hi Judy,

I really love seeing your presentation! I want to thank you for presenting again this year. I know it’s a long commute, but I really appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to education and patient service. The treatment you provide is invaluable and is changing people’s lives! I have talked to only a few students so far, but they really enjoyed your presentation as well.

I truly admire your work and find you extremely inspiring and a vital asset to the dental community!

I know you are inspirational to students as well, I think especially because you share their soon-to-be alumni, and are so innovative and a life-long learner. Since graduation you have researched and developed such a ground breaking and successful approach to patient care and wellness that I respect and I think students feel the same way.

Thank you again,
Sincerely, Katie

Katie Fleming. RDH. BS
2nd-Year Lead Instructor. Dental Hygiene. Shoreline Community College



I am thrilled to report the tissue and bone regeneration has dramatically improved since I saw Sherrie in January. We took new images of the teeth. I had my hygienist do a polish. We also took some extra images. I told Sherrie I would like her to do the next follow up cleaning with you (the 6-month check). Let me know your thoughts. Attached are a few images of the anterior area.

Thanks again Judy for your fantastic results!

G. Reed, DDS

Hi Judy,

I just took your course in Butte, MT remotely. I now wish I would have been there in person. It is not often that a CE course ends up being worth my while. Your information addresses all the concerns I have struggled with for the 35 years I have been practicing! There are just so many other factors then just brushing and flossing. So thank you! And even tho I feel that I am approaching the end of my career I would still like to learn and implement the techniques you are practicing. However, unfortunately, I don't think an endoscope in is the cards. My employer just purchased a Cone Beam CT. We did however just purchase new cavitrons and now am thinking we should return and exchange for piezio. (Do you use it all the time for maintanace and recall appts as well?)

In any case, I am curious about the cost and logistics for your fast track course. Also, I failed to download your handouts and print them. Would it be possible to email them to me?

Thank you for you excellent presentation and information. It is refreshing and hopeful to have options which will enhance the care I give, to actually accomplish the goals for periodontal health and not just being stuck with "blind scaling" and offer more support then just the brushing/ flossing spiel.... which is so frustrating

And it would be great if you moved to Montana!! Hope you return soon.

Kristi Lindsey


Hi Judy,

I just have to tell you what an inspiration you have been for me in encouraging us to treat our patients with overall wellness. I was wondering how I can get a hold of a copy of the slide/picture showing the circulatory system with the gingival inflammation insert? I absolutely need this to use chair side for patient education. Please let me know where I can order one. You have really started a fire in me to be a better preventive advocate for my patients. Thank you! The best dental seminar in Traverse City in a long time!

Jill Cook, RDH

On behalf of Nothland Dental Hygienists and the Michigan Dental Hygiene Association, I would like to thank you for speaking at our Annual Spring Seminar. We have received such positive feedback! Your material was fresh and your passion contagious. We hope to have you back to Michigan in the future!!

Allison Foch, RDH

Dear Judy,

Thank you so much for allowing me to spend the day with you - I learned so much. You create miracles! It was great to see you in action! My head is still reeling with all this information. I look forward to the medical blood work up paper. It would most certainly be exciting to do this kind of healing – and I’d love the opportunity to work with you in the future. Please keep me in mind and I will be in touch for more training.


Barbara Tritz, RDH
Duvall, WA

Dear Judy,

Thank you for agreeing to present at Shoreline Community College again this year. After working with you and learning the art of perioendoscopy, I learned first-hand how your innovative approach to periodontal therapy has given periodontal patients a new, successful NON-SURGICAL option for treatment of their disease. Your evidence-based presentation and clinical results are unparalled in the dental community. I truly admire your hard work and the amazing, positive results you consistently deliver for periodontal patients. The education you provide our students is unique and invaluable before they graduate and have the opportunity to educate and treat patients themselves.

As a dental hygienist and dental hygiene educator, I know educating students about perioendoscopy is one of the most valuable topics we can present to them because the work you are doing with Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy really is the best treatment option for patients who suffer from periodontal disease. We frequently refer patients from Shoreline Community College to you because we know you will provide the best therapy available.

I look forward to continuing to work with you and learn from you.


Katie Fleming, RDH, BS
Dental Hygiene Professor Shoreline Community College

Hello Judy,

I have attached your course evaluation with the comments provided.
Thank you very much for speaking at our Symposium. Your course was VERY well received.

Susan Savage, RDH, BSDH
WSDHA Education committee, chair

Comments from professionals attending the lecture "A New Era in Periodontal Therapy"

  • Doing a great job. Both classes were great!
  • LOVED this woman!! Excellent presentation would love to see her share with periodontists
  • Good job Judy! WOW!
  • Please have Judy Carroll back soon-the best class in many years!
  • Bring Judy back!!

Hi Judy,

I am a dental hygienist living in Venice, Florida and will soon be speaking about Emdogain on behalf of Straumann. I am writing to ask your permission to reference you and the significant contributions that you are making to the profession and to the public? We are living in exciting times for treating periodontal disease. I believe you are an inspiration and mentor for all of us. If other hygienists knew of your work, it is my hope that we could mobilize and change the way dental hygiene is practiced nationwide. In addition, hygienists would be able to understand the practical applications for the dental hygiene profession.

If you have any insights or contributions to add about your experience with Emdogain, I would be grateful.


Midge Junghans, CRDH

Dear Judy,

Thanks to you my tooth has been saved! It has been almost a year since you performed RPE which brought my bone loss back to normal and all my probing depths to 3 or less. If it had not been for our mutual friend, Trisha O’Hehir RDH, recommending you I would have lost my front tooth. I would sincerely recommend you to anyone with bone loss who wants to avoid having extraction or periodontal surgery. Thanks again and we would like to visit with you again.

Warm Regards,

Phyllis Ley, RDH, Sedona, AZ

Hi Judy,

Thank you so much for agreeing to be a guest on Cross Link Radio. Your story is amazing! I also really love your approach to periodontal treatment of disease. The status quo is why so many are still considering periodontal disease as incurable. HA! Keep on keeping on!

Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH

Thanks, Judy.

I'm hopeful that Kathy and Fergie will find your presentation as valuable and enlightening as I have. I also think that learning to work toward the levels that you've achieved will simply raise the level of patient care and clinical acumen. I'm happy to hear that you're having trouble keeping up. With all the airy-fairy marketing going on out there, what better way to achieve success than by simply becoming a better clinician. Which, of course, is not simple!

Norm Johnson, DDS

Good Morning Judy,

Thank you so much for presenting at the OPSC meeting, it was a most engaging and thought provoking presentation! The feedback from the other members was really positive. I truly enjoyed it, and like I said it was the first time I could see how the endoscope worked in the defects - great videos and animation.

Thank you,
Stig Osterberg, DDS, MS
Periodontal Specialty Practice
Olympic Peninsula

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