Abscessed Teeth

Tooth and Gum Abscess Symptoms and Treatment – Pictures and x-rays of abscessed teeth

Tooth and gum abscesses can be treated successfully without requiring extractions and implants.  If you have been diagnosed with a tooth or gum abscess, or feel you may have an abscess, please read and view pictures below for symptoms and appearance of an abscess.  We also demonstrate actual cases treated with an affordable and advanced treatment option called RPE – Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy.   Tooth extractions and expensive implants may not be necessary.

1) Periodontal Abscess picture and x-ray

The above picture clearly shows a “pimple” on the gum.  Upon probing (measuring the depth of the infection) we find a 10mm pocket.  The x-ray clearly demonstrates the bone loss associated with a periodontal abscess.  This tooth was very loose upon examination, with severe inflammation and heavy bleeding noted.  Symptoms included tender and painful gums, odor, pus coming out from all areas around the tooth, and shifting or extruding of the tooth

This patient was advised to have this front tooth extracted by her dentist and periodontist, and it was recommended to have an implant placed.  A very expensive treatment option, totaling $6,000. She decided to research less invasive and less expensive alternatives – she found the PerioPeak Innovations clinic, and the RPE – Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy treatment protocol.  This patient was treated in 2004 and remains stable.  See her results below:

4 weeks after RPE – no abscess, health restored.
The x-ray reveals bone fill after 6 months

Below is a periodontal abscess treated at PerioPeak Inovations – this tooth had been deemed hopeless by the periodontist:

advanced bone loss and mobility of 19

13mm pocket with an advanced furcation defect

The above patient presented with several periodontal abscesses treated successfully with RPE.  In the above image a periodontal abscess can clearly be seen on the distal root of tooth #19.  The tooth was determined to be vital, so no root canal therapy was indicated. Her dentist and periodontist had recommended extraction of this tooth.  See more pics below demonstrating the severity of this abscess.

deep pocket 13mm  before RPE  

Before RPE – 11mm pocket

                                        6 months after RPE – health restored – 2mm

Note the healthy tissue, from 11-13mm pockets to 2mm and excellent bone fill in only 6 months, no extraction needed.  Periodontal abscesses, even in the advanced stage, can be repaired with non invasive RPE.

Periodontal Abscess:

swollen, red, loose tooth – 7mm

2 weeks after RPE – 1mm health restored

Traditional Treatment for a Periodontal Abscess is often extraction of the tooth, traditional root planing with root canal therapy, or periodontal surgery, depending on the severity of the infection and bone loss.  Sometimes a traditional deep cleaning is combined with antibiotics to try to stop the infection.  This treatment approach is typically non effective since it is not definitive (performed blindly).

We offer an advanced solution for abscessed teeth, which is outlined throughout this web site.  Abscessed teeth are non invasively treated in our clinic with an innovative endoscopic technique called RPE – Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy.  This treatment is unique to PerioPeak Innovations – we utilize regenerative proteins, periodontal endoscopy, and enzyme inhibitors to achieve remarkable results affordably.

2)  Periodontal/Endodontic Abscess Picture and X-ray

Before RPE – loose, abscessed tooth

After RPE – health restored

This Endodontic/periodontal abscesss was considered hopeless with traditional methods, this patient was advised to have this tooth extracted. She was not a candidate for an implant due to her titanium allergy.  She came to PerioPeak for a second opinion. Root canal therapy was completed to eliminate the infection in the nerve, followed by a simple RPE procedure.

Before RPE – deep periodontal pockets observed around entire tooth, measuring 10mm –  RPE was completed the same day as root canal procedure, optimizing both therapies and creating a rapid healing response, preventing the need for extraction.

RESULTS: 6 months after RPE treatment and root canal therapy- nice bone fill and very tight, healthy gum tissue.  This patient was able to avoid extraction of this tooth.

Home Remedies and associated serious health risks: 

We do not condone the use of home remedies of any kind for any type of periodontal or endodontic abscess.   The virulent, pathogenic bacteria involved in periodontal (gum) abscesses can enter the blood stream and respiratory track, travel to the heart, lungs, brain, arteries, and other organs – promoting infection and inflammation throughout the body (creating an overall inflammatory burden effect), and possibly leading to brain abscesses and other very serious health problems, such as atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack, diabetes complications, and preterm births.  Recent research also reveals a connection between periodontal disease and alzheimer’s, MS, and rheumatoid arthritis.  The research is replete with studies demonstrating the many negative health consequences associated with the pathogen bacteria involved in gum and tooth abscesses.

Virulent high rish periodontal pathogens associated with tooth and gum abscesses and major health problems:  AA (Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans), Porphyromonas Gingivalis (Pg), Tannorelia Forsythia (Tf), Treponema Denticola (Td), and Eubacterium Nodatum (En). 

For this reason we recommend that tooth and gum abscesses be treated as a serious medical condition requiring immediate professional attention.   Consider contacting PerioPeak for a free consultation if you have already been diagnosed with a tooth abscess, or feel you may have this condition.

See more pictures of abscessed teeth treated successfully with RPE.