Advanced Periodontal Disease Pictures

Successful Treatment Without Surgery – Implant Alternative

Pictures of Advanced Gum Disease Treatment  – pictures taken by PerioPeak Innovations

Above:  Before non surgical Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy (RPE) -bleeding and infected 15mm pocket tooth #6.  This patient was advised by three different periodontists that due to the advanced nature of his periodontal disease he needed all of his teeth extracted.

Above:  3 months after RPE – 4mm – very healthy tissue – no bleeding.  This patient has remained stable and healthy for many years.   See more pics below, or  Learn more about this unique protocol.

Above:  Before RPE – 9mm infected advanced periodontal pocket- tooth #8 is very loose

Above:  After RPE – 2mm, healthy, no bleeding, no mobility.

Before RPE – severe inflammation – 7mm pocket tooth #26.  This patient was also told she needed full mouth extractions due to the advanced periodontal disease on all the teeth. (she had generalized 5-12mm pockets).

After Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy -RPE:   minimal inflammation – pink, healthy tissue – 3mm measurements – health restored to all her gum tissues.  No longer a need for full mouth extractions.

Before – 10mm – this patient was treament planned for extractions by her periodontist.

3 weeks after RPE – 3mm tight, healthy tissue – no need for extractions.

Before – 7mm – severe inflammation

3 weeks after RPE – 2mm – very healthy tissue

Before – 11mm pockets #24 and #25

After RPE – 2mm – healthy

Read how Regenerative Periondontal Endoscopy works

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RPE is a conservative treatment approach which does not cause the disfigurement often associated with aggressive periodontal surgery.  Unfortunately for many patients who have undergone periodontal surgery, the gum and bone is removed (cut out) to reduce periodontal pockets – in doing so the roots are exposed causing disfigurement of the gums (black triangles and recession).

Periodontal surgery picture below (warning – this photo may be disturbing):

Below:  Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy Procedure – RPE.

The miniature fiber optic used in this picture enables our highly skilled clinicians to clean all root surfaces without the need for flap/osseous periodontal surgery.  There is no need for bone and tissue removal as in osseous periodontal surgery.  Instead, all infected gum tissue in deep pockets is gently removed with micro-ultrasonics, regenerative proteins are then placed on the roots to stimulate adult stem cells – promoting closure of periodontal pockets.  Healing is accelerated due to the conservative nature of the procedure and the addition of host modulated therapy.  Since there is no trauma to the tissue, the disfigurement and recession often associated with traditional periodontal surgery does not occur with RPE.