Stages of Periodontal Disease

Pictures and x-rays of periodontal disease and bone loss –

Stages of Periodontal Disease:

Early periodontal disease may be characterized by swelling and redness of the gums and early horizontal bone loss, but is usually not associated with loss of gum tissues, or gum recession.

gary retracted

Early horizontal bone loss around the teeth can be seen on the x-rays below.  Typical gum pocket depths would be 4-5mm.  Bleeding when measuring (probing) may be present.

x-ray 8.9

x-ray demonstrating early periodontal stage periodontal bone loss

Moderate Periodontal Disease: below

7D 6mm

6mm gum pocket on tooth #7

9D probing

5mm gum pocket tooth #9

The moderate stages of periodontitis are typically characterized by moderate loss of bone (see x-ray below) around the teeth – either vertical or horizontal.  Pockets can measure between 5-7mm, and there may also be associated tissue loss, or gum recession.

x-ray of moderate periodontitis for this patient below:

x-ray #9

note the loss of bone between the two front teeth (#9 and #10)

Advanced Periodontal Disease is characterized by more advanced bone loss around the teeth.  There is 50% bone loss or more.  Pockets typically measure 7-9mm or more, and there may or may not be tissue loss (recession of the gums) and mobility.

8mm gum pocket picture below:

25m 8mm

this is advanced periodontitis with severe inflammation and mobility – this patient is diabetic -note the profound difference in the tissue appearance from one half to the other.  This patient had already undergone Restorative Periodontal Endoscopy on half his mouth one week prior to taking this picture, the pink healthy tissue on one half is evident in this photo.

x-ray for this patient below:

8mm 25M x-ray

x-ray of advanced bone loss

There are many advanced case studies with pictures and x-rays throughout this web site to view.  We offer a procedure called Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy (RPE℠) – a non-invasive and definitive affordable first phase treatment approach for all stages of periodontal disease.

All  stages of periodontitis – even the advanced stage – may not always be associated with pain, bleeding, or other obvious symptoms and signs.   See more pics. There may be no symptoms at all.  This is why a thorough examination and x-rays by a periodontist (gum disease specialist) or dentist is highly recommended.