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Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy - RPE - utilizing periodontal endoscopy technology, is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and cost-effective treatment for periodontal disease. Patients appreciate a non-surgical option, the nearly-painless procedure, and the considerable savings in time and money. Dental professionals appreciate referring their patients for an effective, non-surgical periodontal disease solution.

Hi Judy,

I just wanted to get in touch to say such a huge thank you!I had my first cleaning today following the procedure at the end of June. The exact words of the dentist were “you have very healthy gums”. I almost cried. To have been given a second chance with my teeth has been truly wonderful and I am so thankful I found you and made the effort to fly up to see you.I’m working on the recommendations in your email. Although I’ve found a few holistic dentists near me that look good, I’ve yet to find any that accept my insurance. I’m looking into my options with open enrolment so hopefully I can get moving on that soon. The tooth that had the occlusal adjustment at the front has been fine. There has been no pain, but I have noticed that it, along with a tooth next to it, have become significantly more yellowed than the teeth around them. Is this anything to worry about? My dentist today didn’t seem concerned, but thought I would check just in case. I have a question about the use of the water pik. Do you recommend using the low setting on an ongoing basis or can I ramp it back up? Final question! If all continues to progress well, in what timeframe should I expect to see progress with bone regeneration? Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and for changing my life for the better. I really can’t tell you how much it means to me to be able to keep my teeth and have my smile back. Lots to smile about now too 🙂

Thanks again,

Dear Judy,

Hope you are doing well. Sorry I didn't email you earlier about the update of my gum situation. It has been a year since I came to visit you for my treatment on Feb 26, 2018. I am so glad to tell you my gums condition improved dramatically. No bad mouth smell and no bleeding any more. Dr. Tenenbaum already retired since last January so his office recommended me to visit periodontist Dr. Michael Goldberg. Dr. Goldberg insisted to thoroughly check my teeth and gums after one year of the treatment. So I had the dental hygiene 3 times during the year and I visited Dr. Goldberg a few days ago and he did my gum pocket measurements. Based on his measurement, no pocket is larger than 3 mm. He also did my teeth mobility measurement. He told me my gums look healthy, no gum infection. He said he would send you a detailed report later. You are amazing. I cannot thank you enough for your magic help. I will continue following your recommendations to maintain my oral health.

Thanks again,

Dear Judy,

I just finished my first check up since seeing you. I have found an excellent biological dentist in my area. I feel that I am in excellent hands with him. He is so excited about working with me, as is his hygienist, Holly. She will likely be contacting you soon. He said the work I did with you was the absolute best money I could have spent. He was astounded at the health of my gums. He did measure the pockets and I had 1's in the back. He says he never has ones in the back. The deepest pocket I had was a 4 on my tooth where I had the most bone loss, number 11 I believe. Judy, I am completely beside myself with overwhelming gratitude and amazement. I am just soaking it in. No one can believe my charts. The hygienist is so enthralled she really wants to know more. I am following all the protocols. He also recommended a vivos/DNA appliance. In time I will work towards being able to afford it. I am going to go back for another cleaning in 3 months. Thank you so much Judy. From the bottom of my heart, I am immensely grateful.

Sacramento, CA

Hi Judy,

Hope you are well! I did get my updated charts back from my dental hygienist and am seeing some significant improvements in the pockets - bleeding is gone, no pockets larger than 4 mm, and significantly reduced pain/sensitivity. I cannot thank you enough for your help - your quality of care compared to the rest of the doctor's and dentist's I have encountered in this journey is truly fantastic. Not only have I seen significant improvements in my oral health - but my thyroid numbers and vitamin B-12 levels have improved significantly as well. Unfortunately, my LDL cholesterol is still through the roof but this is a much more manageable problem to tackle vs the dumpster fire that was my health 8 months ago. Attaching both lab reports (from before and last week) & the pocket depth report so you can see what a tremendous impact your treatment has made.

Again, I can't thank you enough for your help. You saved my life.

Rachael F.
San Francisco, CA

Hello Judy,

We hope this finds you well!

We're emailing to give you an update on Thao's progress since his RPE treatment on August 3rd & 4th, 2017. As you requested in the "Periodontal Treatment Report", we had our dentist re-check his gum pockets and take updated x-rays of teeth #9, #11, #21, and #27 at his ~6 month post-RPE appointment. This was completed back on 01-29-18... sorry we are just finally sending it to you now.

As you can see in his periodontal chart, his pockets have improved quite profoundly. We've also attached the x-rays-- when our dentist emailed us these images, the teeth numbers were not labeled so we looked at previous x-rays and believe we have updated them with the correct teeth numbers.

Our dentist agreed with your assessment of which teeth should be extracted and in mid-February, those were removed by an oral surgeon, which went smoothly.

Thao has continued taking the Periostat this whole time and took the TransmaxTR up until this spring-- the company says it's on backorder so he's been using a turmeric/curcumin capsule daily in its place. His diet has also much improved.

We are so pleased and grateful for the work you've done for his mouth (and therefore, his overall health & well being).

Many thanks,
Thao and T

Good evening Judy,

I have finally got it! Went to my rdv and I told the administration that I would not leave without it sent to me/you! Lol. So yes, your little (big) miracle is attached. My dentist said that they will send people to you. It is a very high profile esthetic dentist that even people from California come to see him. So thanks again and I wish you a wonderful summer!

France L.

Hey Judy,

Everyone thought I was crazy for flying across the country and then driving to a town I had never even heard of for a dental treatment. I am so glad I did!

I did not tell the periodontist about my treatment. I would not let them probe for six months. When I went back for an exam where they did probe, he accused the hygienist of making mistakes. When she said no, he told me ‘You must be on antibiotics or something…” lol. He still wanted to do three quadrants of flap surgery… My regular dentist says even though there is bone loss on some teeth, they are very stable so he doesn’t see a need for any surgery, only the removal of one wisdom tooth that has a cavity. (The periodontist wanted me to have all three wisdom teeth pulled)

The hygienist was extremely interested in my process and is a no-surgery advocate also. I gave her the website.

Attached is a scan of my latest chart.

All the best to you.
Baltimore, MD

Dear Lynn C. Sayre-Carstairs, DMD,
(CC: Judy Carroll, RDH)

I wanted to take the time to respond to your recent letter concerning my files.

After I left your office, I was beyond frightened, as I’m sure some patients are, after finding out that they have periodontal disease and that it is going to destroy their smile, and their health and cost them thousands of dollars due to root scaling, root planing, tissue grafting and deep cleanings… I was depressed when I left your office, as I felt there was no way out of this horrible prognosis and I should just prepare myself to lose all of my teeth!

I immediately started researching alternative therapies and found an amazing group that had testimonials of major success from patients all over the world. I could hardly believe what I was reading about this new technology called Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy℠. Judy Carroll, RDH, is the Founder and Clinical Director of PerioPeak Innovations. Please see her website and testimonials at I just CC’d this letter to her - to thank this brilliant trailblazer!

I made an appointment and took a trip to her practice in Seattle, July of 2014 to see Judy with my dental files in hand from your office, along with my DNA and bacterial lab results. After one day in her chair, I am very pleased to say that I am another one of her success stories. Unbelievable yes! After just one visit my pockets are now 1’s and 2’s and I have no bleeding gums and no sign of gum disease, any bone loss was also addressed my teeth are tight and problem free.

My dental hygienist here in Paso Robles comments each visit on how healthy my gums are, and how beautiful my teeth are, and she is now scheduling my cleanings at 6 months as there is “nothing to clean”. For a few years I was scheduling 3 month cleaning intervals that Judy Carrol had recommended. Having my teeth cleaned is something I now look forward to! I can also attest to brushing my teeth after each meal with an innovative instrument that I purchased a few years back, a Dr. Tungs ionic tooth brush.

I researched and it paid off. I could not have imagined such a wonderful ending to the trauma and expense that I was told I was going to have to endure.

I’m giving you this information in hopes that you might find it useful for your practice. If I didn’t have enough happening in my life I would honestly say I would invest in in a practice like this here. With the amount of older folks on the Central Coast who run away in fear at the thought of treatments for periodontal disease this would be a welcomed service.

Tammy C.

Hi Judy,

I contacted you two years ago and had my treatment done in April 2016. I flew in from the UK for treatment, as all the dentists (2nd , 3rd opinions sought) and the periodontist here in the UK could suggest is to remove my teeth - hopeless with pocket depths 6mm to 10mm and more in my lower right quadrant.

Well thankfully I found you online and even then the Periodontist said NOTHING would work and that I was wasting my time. But I am glad I didn't take that advice.

Yesterday I went to see the dentist who did the x-rays two years ago and who was interested in how I was getting on. She checked my teeth and took some more X-rays and was floored by the progress and the bone regeneration. She was so impressed that she's keen to contact you (unlike the Periodontist or my previous dentist). Her name is Dr. Davison, Holistic Dental Centre.

I was so happy with the feedback after visiting Emma yesterday - All teeth (except the two that you already warned me about at the time of the treatment) are in good shape and my oral health good. I still follow the protocol-floss, brush, swish with Oradex (Corsodyl equivalent) , improved diet, probiotics etc ; Periostat twice a day and see the hygienist ( Tim Ives) every three months, all going well. The two teeth, though both no longer loose need root canal treatment - as you already mentioned before- and I'll have these done next month.

I can't thank you enough for getting me to this point. After all the negativity from the UK dentists and the Periodontist I still feel low and go into panic modes, constantly thinking ‘what if they are right?'. Hence my unscheduled visit to Emma yesterday for a bit of reassurance.

Thank You!

Best regards,

Hi Judy,

This review is a twofer, Sue and me, Don. Sue's periodontal disease was much worse than mine. Approximately a year ago, she had laser surgery. The results of that were "No Change, No Improvement." The Periodontist then informed her that a few teeth would have to be pulled.

Fast forward to six months ago, the same Periodontist scheduled me for laser surgery to prevent further gum loss. I was fully confident of the procedure, (the Periodontist is an acquaintance) and paid for the procedure in full. But that didn't solve Sue's issue of having teeth pulled.

We went on the Internet and found Judy. We found her to be very professional, very informative and very believable.

It has now been 6 months since we had the procedure done in Sequim (we live in Michigan). All the Periodontist could say about my mouth was "WOW!" He was really amazed at how good it looked. He said Sue had a very healthy mouth and pulling any teeth was out of the question. The Hygienist that cleaned both our teeth and had worked on Sue for years was astonished that there was absolutely no bleeding anywhere, even around her worst teeth. Our charting consisted of a bunch of threes with the worst for either of us being a few fives (Sue had nines around some teeth previous to Judy's procedure).

Would I recommend Judy? Yes, yes and yes. BTW, the Periodontist refunded, in full, the money I had prepaid for the laser surgery.

Don W.

I found Judy through a Google search after my dentist told me I need $10,000 (out of my own pocket) of gum surgery. It would take 4 sessions of 4 hours a piece.

I got in touch with Judy and found she could use a new method that my dentist, who's been doing this for 30 years he told me, had never heard of. He checked with his gum surgeon friends who told him it was 'snake oil'.

Well considering my dentist didn't seem to have learned anything new in 30 years, and that the experts he checked with get paid to do it the old way, I decided to give Judy a go. The testimonials on her site seemed real enough and her cost would be about $3,000. Plus, I could get it done in 1 session.

I visited my dentist after 6 months and he admitted my gums were much better. It's now been 2.5 years and my gums are in excellent shape.

It's a shame that the dental industry is driven by profit and not by what is best for the patient.

I highly recommend PerioPeak, but be sure to do what Judy asks to get to the bottom of WHY your gums receded in the first place. I've heard from many friends that according to their dentist, their gums are receding because:
1) They don't brush enough. or
2) They brush too hard.

The truth is they don't know. Judy looks a little deeper than that and makes a real attempt to determine the cause.


Saved My gums and teeth!!!

After being told that I needed to have expensive and painful dental surgery to help my gums (I had a family history of periodontal disease that greatly affected my health), I began extensive research on all types of dental procedures and alternative ways to save my teeth and gums and Luckily I found out about Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy, an innovative way of using Endoscopy to both clean and save gums and teeth.

I contacted Judy to understand exactly what RPE (Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy) would involve and she was very kind and compassionate about the process of how this procedure would be able to directly see where the diseased gum is located and could be gently removed. In addition, a regenerative protein, Emdogain would be placed in those formerly diseased locations near teeth that had deep pockets and help promote some growth to the teeth that had lost some size and eventually to help fill in the deeps pockets that I had in my gums (1-2).

For anyone who has gum disease and facing decisions on dental surgery, this was one of careful consideration on my part and I spoke with several dental professionals on this subject and many of them either dismissed the procedure or wanted to steer me toward dental surgery either using primitive methods or LANAP (which also though more advanced than regular surgery was primitive in not being able to see the actual diseased gum that well).

My decision also consisted of weighing out the costs and recovery period of primitive dental surgery or RPE. The choice was easy as this was not as expensive or painful. I also got to enjoy spending time in a beautiful state. When I finally met Judy and had RPE performed, I found the experience so much more enjoyable and the proof was in the results.

It only took on session to see clear and immediate results and I can see why many dental professionals, especially periodontists and dental surgeons were dismissing RPE; this procedure would put them out of current way of doing business.

I visited my dentist after 6 months and she admitted my gums were much better. It's now been 6 years and my gums are in excellent shape. No more deep pockets and my teeth have growth back.

It's a shame that the dental industry is driven by profit and not by what is best for the patient.

I highly recommend PerioPeak Innovations, and be sure to do what Judy asks to get to the bottom of why your gums receded in the first place. You'll be in good hands with her knowledge and expertise!

Mary C.

JUDY IS AMAZING! I am 27 years old and was just diagnosed with aggressive periodontist. The specialist I went to see said they wanted to pull my front 10 teeth because they were "no hope teeth" since they had some movement and some bone loss. Then I would get partial dentures if they worked. Next it was probably going to have root planing where they cut open your gums and scratch the bacteria out then re close the gums. This is not guaranteed to fix the problem. Then when my gum pockets were low enough we could try a bone graft which may or may not take then talk about implants. 27 YEARS OLD and they want to take away my smile, because there is no way I am going to want to flash my bare mouth. I was at a loss. Thankfully when I told my Mom she jumped into action and asked around about other treatments. Thankfully my Aunt had been seen by Judy and she told me about it. She was so excited about the procedure and when you go to Judy's website it details EVERYTHING you want to know about the procedure. We had to find ways to make the money for the procedure but thinking about the long term effects and costs the specialist wanted to put me through, the price is nothing. AND you get a truly caring person (Judy) who does research, gives lectures, and knows the ins and outs of everything going on with periodontist. I wish we had more people like Judy, who strive to improve old outdated methods. Who want to improve peoples’ health as a whole. She even has people come from all over the world for this procedure. It is one of a kind, unique and a life saver and can be done in one sitting. After the procedure I felt like I had a whole new mouth it was and is amazing. I truly thought that I was going to lose at least one tooth but turns out we saved them all!

Thank you so much Judy!

Hi Judy,

I had deep pockets in my gum. After reading mostly good reviews of Periopeak online, I've decided to give it a try. It's been 10 months after my treatment, my gum is heeled nicely and my recent visit to dentist gave me the good news that the pocket depths have reduced to 2-3mm (down from 10-12mm). Thanks Periopeak, thanks Judy!


I ended up in Judy's care because admittedly, I have a lifelong fear of going to dentists and had seriously neglected my dental health. As a result, over time I had developed gum disease and was well on my way to facing tooth extractions and gum surgery. Neither of those options was very appealing to me.

I found Judy by way of a friend of a family member, who told me about the amazing work Judy was doing to restore seriously unhealthy gums (like mine) to a more healthful state. I decided to give it a try. And I have to say that, as a person who fears dentists like I do, this procedure was probably one of the easiest to go through. Judy is very sensitive, caring and professional in her approach to her patients. She never gave me the "tsk, tsk" treatment I've had from many previous dental professionals. She was kind, patient, and considerate in her explanations of what I needed to do to correct my situation. In addition to performing the endoscopy and Emdogain treatment, she looks at the overall health of the individual, and makes suggestions as to what kind of lifestyle changes may be needed to get the oral health of the patient to a better state.

It's been many years since I saw Judy and went through her regenerative treatment. Since then, I've had no tooth extractions, my pockets (which were very deep back then) are still looking good, and a bacteria test I took a couple years ago was one of the best my current dentist has ever seen. I have recommended Judy to numerous individuals over the years, and I wouldn't hesitate to receive treatment from her again should my oral health start declining.


Hi Judy,

I had my 6 month exam in September (late) and they took x-rays, did a cleaning and a visual only. They did not do any probing... they wanted to wait until my next exam which is November. They were very impressed with what they could see in comparison from what they had seen before. I will have them send the x-rays if you like or wait until they do the probing in November.

From what I can tell my gums are better than I can remember. The color is good, no bleeding at all, no infection. The tooth that was loose, has tightened up from class 3 to 1 or visa versa.

Thanks, Fred
Tucson, AZ

Hi Judy,

Gums are doing great! Both Sue and I had great check ups. When the Periodontist was in my mouth all he could say was "WOW!" He said Sue’s mouth was very healthy and neither of us had any bleeding at all. This was true even for Sues really bad tooth.

We both had a bunch of threes and our worst readings were a few fives. We will get the charting Monday and send it out to you.


Don and Sue

A couple years ago I was diagnosed with terrible periodontal disease through my whole mouth. I was 38 yo with excellent oral hygiene, non-smoker, but my gums were that of a 60 yo smoker who didn't know what a toothbrush was. I was having bone recession. My dentist had previously had me see a periodontal surgeon who had already cut one quadrant of my mouth. The periodontist couldn't tell which quadrant had already had the procedure, but now wanted to do the same thing in all four quadrants! It was going to cost a lot of money and I didn't see the point since it obviously hadn't worked. It wasn't going to address what was causing the horrible inflammation.

My wonderful hygienist discovered Judy while doing some research and suggested that I look into it. I ended up flying to Washington for the procedure. I figured it was worth a shot.

Judy and her office was great. She was honest that the procedure would help clean up the roots, but there was something else going on. I had been on the Periostat, but there was still terrible inflammation. I had already seen an MD for testing for certain diseases - thyroid, etc which was all normal. Judy suggested I talk to a orofacial myofunctional therapist and consult with a naturopathic physician to see if they might be able to help. I ended up doing both. I was determined to get to the root cause of the problem.

My gums did slowly get better after the procedure with Judy, but it took a year of myofunctional therapy to correct things I was doing that affected my gums - mouth breathing at night, etc.

At my last dental appointment I got a glowing review of health. My pockets are gone. My gums no longer bleed. My hygienist can't believe the difference. My gums are now perfectly healthy!

I am very thankful to Judy!

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