Patients' Testimonials

Testimonials from Patients and Professionals!

Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy - RPE - utilizing periodontal endoscopy technology, is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and cost-effective treatment for periodontal disease. Patients appreciate a non-surgical option, the nearly-painless procedure, and the considerable savings in time and money. Dental professionals appreciate referring their patients for an effective, non-surgical periodontal disease solution.


I'm not sure you remember me, but I was your patient about 5 years ago. You performed a RPE procedure on me, and I believe as a result of that procedure, you saved my teeth from ultimate deterioration. I cannot thank you enough for your attention to detail and concern for my dental health. You were there, when no other dentist was there to give me hope of how to regain my health. I'm forever grateful to you, and salute you as the innovator and professional that you are! Thank you eternally!

Eugene, OR


Today is a happy day because of you, thanks ever so much! You’re a miracle worker! We can’t thank you enough for how great our mouths and our entire bodies are feeling thanks to your amazing and caring healing.

Thank you always,

Seattle, WA

Dear Judy,

It is astonishing how short a time it takes for very wonderful things to happen.” Frances Hodgson Burnett

This sums up the entire experience of you. You are a wonderful walking miracle and I am so grateful that you exist in this world. There are no words for the difference you have made in my life.

A thousand thanks,

Sarah J.
Phoenix, AZ

Hi Judy.

Sorry for the delay in sharing this good news. You performed RPE on me on 7/28/15. You may recall that I traveled out to see you from New York City, after my periodontist recommended Osseous surgery as a fix for the many deep pockets in my gums. I had four 9's, two 8's, thirteen 7's, fourteen 6's, sixteen 5's, and twelve 4's. While that was pretty horrifying, I was even more horrified at the prospect of undergoing an antiquated procedure that I feared would be quite disfiguring. Instead, I did a great deal of research and found you and RPE, and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. On 2/16/16 my dentist did an exam and was blown away by my progress. On that date she found zero 9's, zero 8's, zero 7's, one 6 (the one with vertical bone loss and I'll have a bone graft), zero 5's, and six 4's. I am confident that I'll continue to make improvements and we'll chart again in August. My gums and teeth are in the best shape they've ever been in. The space between my two front teeth that had developed because of the gum disease disappeared shortly after I saw you. I continue to use the Water Pik, brush with my Sonicare, floss every day without fail, rinse with the Closys and take the subclinical dose of Doxycycline twice a day. I'm completely delighted and beyond grateful for what you did for me. I've been raving you up to anyone I talk to who has gum problems, and with all my dental and medical practitioners. Between the RPE, the bacteria test, and the genetic testing, what you do should be the standard of care.

Thank you for everything.

Sheila Brennan

Morning Judy,

Just wanted to send you a note to Thank You for getting me in to see you so quickly. As I said I wish we would have come across your website years ago.

I have to admit, besides a little tenderness in my jaw from having my mouth open so long, it actually was not that painful. Little tender for a couple of days afterwards, but feel pretty much back to normal this morning.

My wife and I appreciated from the moment we reached out to you, the personal touch you put into speaking with us. Your genuine concern with my situation meant a lot, and was a major factor in travelling the distance to see you. Everyone from yourself, DR Jared to the ladies in the front, all were fantastic from the moment I walked in. Made me feel very comfortable over the entire day.

Again Judy, Thank You!


Ontario, Canada


I'm grateful to you for taking care of me so kindly and so very generously. Your being here with vital world-class skills is my great fortune.

Thank you, from the heart.


Hello Lisa,

Judy is the real deal. I was advised similarly to you and my husband came across a non surgical procedure (Perio Peak - the only place to go in my opinion) and the rest is history. Major success. Amazing results! I don't know where you are located but I am in south Florida. The trip to Seattle was worth every penny. Go with someone and enjoy the area.

Wishing you good luck,
Simone, FL

Hi Judy,

I had my 6months dental check-up after your RPE and I am very happy to tell you that my dentist was very impressed. He could tell the difference by just looking at my gums and while cleaning them, he did not take long at all. Not much there to clean.... 🙂 He says, "wow, it is just amazing what you have done, you no longer have deep pockets", well let’s say I still have 3 sites that are 4 but way, way better than before. Bleeding excessively from poking my gums or during cleanings has improved so much.

I really want to thank you again for helping me.


Hi Judy,

I went to do my dental checkup today and the molar you did the treatment on back in October is back to normal. There is no longer any mobility on the tooth and I have enclosed a new x-ray that shows that the j-shaped lesion is gone. You have proven that it is possible to keep the tooth and even to this day I am eternally grateful. This will be my last email unless another tooth one day becomes a problem but I have stepped up my oral hygiene significantly in response to what happened in October. I am glad the incident has sparked some major change in my brushing habits.

Thanks again.


Dear Judy,

I came to your office for RPE treatment 5 years ago. It has been a great success for me. I got lots of praises from my dentist in Boston. I can't thank enough for your masterful work.

My mom has periodontal problem as well. She had deep cleaning 2 years ago. But it doesn't seem to help her very much. I want to take my mom to come to see you for the RPE treatment. I will send you her dental x- Ray and chart this weekend.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Many thanks,

Boston, MA

Hi Judy,

How are you? FYI - most of my pocket charting is 2s and 3s. The dentist was amazed and she knows about your work and has patients that have seen you. She is very interested in meeting you one day and even looking into training.

You have been the greatest help, thanks for the work you do!


Hi Judy,

I finally got my 6 months cleaning, X-rays and Perio Chart. I am attaching the info to you for a review. Please let me know what you think? The hygienist said that my gums look good! I'd like to thank you for helping me getting my gums in a good shape.

Do you think at this point I can start Invisalign? Do you have any recommendations?

Warm Regards,

Dallas, TX

Hi Judy,

I appreciate your time and I want to thank you for the care you gave me. All the time you put into building your skills has made a huge difference for me. I appreciate you for going above and beyond. A lot of people would take short cuts, but you are first class. We hope all the best for you in the future!


New York

Dear Judy,

You will be interested and pleased with the 6 month follow up results on my perio treatment. See attached. I am thrilled with the reduction in pocket depth, no sign of infection on that front incisor. I am very grateful to you for your outstanding treatment which just may help me save my beloved teeth! Thank you sincerely, you are the best and I hope you make a million!

All the best,




Hi Judy,

I hope this finds you well!

The results of my treatment you provided continues to be wildly positive for me! I had some more fillings today and the dentist again mentioned how very good my gums look!

Thank you again for your pioneering work!

Redding, CA

Hi Judy,

It’s been few years since I've touched base with you. Since the work you've performed on my teeth, they've been slowly getting better. I've gone to cleanings 4times/yr and maintain my brush/floss routine.

Currently, there doesn't seem to be any problems with my teeth.

Just wanted to send my thanks for your great work and appreciate your timely help.

Denver, CO

Hi Judy,

YaY!! THANK YOU for helping me keep my tooth!! I am forever grateful to you 🙂


Hi Judy,

I just got my probe chart back last week. Mostly 2s and 3s (a few 4s in the molars/wisdom). But no 5s or higher. I’m ecstatic! I’ve kept up with all the protocols and my teeth are white, straight (thanks invisalign) and most importantly, the gums are pink and very healthy.

I’m planning to provide a more thorough testimonial, but I wanted to quickly update you.

I just got off the phone with Julia. I’m excited for her and I pray she gets the same thing out of her trip that I have (and of course Veronica)… by the way, her numbers are awesome as well. I’ll update you accordingly.

Kindest Regards,


Hi Judy,

My latest charting looks pretty good (see attached). Very happy! I did decided to do maintenance every 2 months instead of 3 and I'm still taking 20mg/day doxycycline.

Thanks for advancing the cause of alternative treatments! Keep up the pioneering - the world needs more people like you!


Billings, MT

Dear Judy,

For a long time my heart is telling me that I want to thank You for the great work and involvement with my problem! Thank You and God bless you! Now there are almost three years since I have been at your place and still I am feeling good- unbelievable! The hardest thing from my experience was the attitude of the dentists (and the official science)- that there was no chance of cure-there was no hope. The only solution which they offered me was to pull out the rest of my teeth and to go for dentures. Thanks to your excellent method and work I am feeling again young and healthy.

Best Regards,


I went to see Judy about 3 years ago and have been back a couple of times since. I prefer to use her for regular cleaning too because she has a positive attitude and believes in healing.

Her procedure is relatively painless and my x-rays of before and after show remarkable improvement in gum tissue and bone growth.

It had been recommended to me to see a periodontist by several dentists and I did not feel comfortable with that kind of invasive detrimental surgery.

Judy is very professional and has state of the art equipment. I am very pleased with my experience and healing.

Quilcene, Washington


Hi Judy,

This is a hello from Birgit, in Maine, on whom you performed regenerative periodontal endoscopy in March 2010.

At that time all the dentists and periodontist a I had seen gave me no hope of keeping my teeth very long, or of any substantial improvement in the very sad state of my bleeding swollen infected gums.

Just yesterday my dental hygienist once again remarked how incredibly healthy pink and tight all my gums are- and my dentist also marveled.

Number seven and ten have now been securely bonded for two years despite my wicked challenging bite. I look great and am making good progress healing from chronic Lyme's disease, which would not be the case if my gums were still so infected.

Amazing that you were the only person I could find in the entire US to be able to give this huge healing help with my gums/ teeth and overall health.

Thank You! THANK YOU thank you so much Judy, for daring to be such a pioneer and being so good at it!

Sending you a big nice looking smile,



I flew from Midwest to Seattle to get this procedure done. It helped me tremendously. I was being suggested to go for periodontal surgery but this procedure addressed my dental issues and I no longer require surgery. Judy is a very committed and highly recommended professional in this space. Hope this helps!



I just went to the dentist today and they checked the area - it's now a 5mm pocket!! If you remember, it was 11mm the day you did the procedure. So it worked!!! I can't tell you how grateful I am - thank you!

I got a duplicate x-ray which I will mail to you for your records.

Dina, California

Hi Judy!

I just had my six month post perioscope cleaning today and I'm attaching the perio measurement chart. This time I had a hygienist was very open and enthusiastic about the work you are doing -- she might get in touch with you. No one is using your approach for a huge swath of southern California and my dental office prides themselves on being up to speed on the latest technology (e.g. they are doing those 2 hour crowns) so I hope they invest in your approach because it will be rewarding to patients as well as to them as a business.

Anyway, thank you for your good work. Sharon seemed impressed by the condition of my gums and I would welcome your feedback as well.

Valerie, S. California

Ms. Carroll,

I had your procedure done on Jan. 7th of this year, I am the patient who had Graves Disease Hyperthyroidism. I had discussed with you the possibility that the gum infection was a potential trigger and cause of the hyperthyroidism. Please find attached my latest thyroid test results, they are the best results I have had since I first began testing in late 2011. Technically, I now have what is referred to as "subclinical hyperthyroidism". While I realize this is just anecdotal information, I could feel myself getting better mere days after the RPE was done. I think there is connection between the gum problems I had and Graves, but obviously more scientific study must be performed to verify this conjecture. Otherwise my teeth and gums are doing great, I am now using a sonic-care toothbrush, water flosser, CTx3 and Closys mouthwash, my teeth and gums look and feel wonderful. Thanks.

Robert, Texas

Hi Judy,

Your periodontal treatment report was particularly comprehensive, well organized and was a true wealth of useful information to help me move forward in my treatment and recovery. Because of your insightful advice and recommendations, I am seeking treatment and recovery from a totally different direction, one that deals with causes and not symptoms. Treating only symptoms would mean I would never get well and I would spend the rest of my life throwing good money after bad.

I am still "digesting" the treatment report so I haven't figured out what questions I have yet.

Thank you and respectfully yours,

Paula, Maryland

PS - I woke up this morning and noticed that the awful spaces between my front teeth had closed! I almost cried!

Dear Judy,

Thanks to you my tooth has been saved! It has been almost a year since you performed RPE which brought my bone loss back to normal and all my probing depths to 3 or less. If it had not been for our mutual friend, Trisha O’Hehir RDH, recommending you I would have lost my front tooth. I would sincerely recommend you to anyone with bone loss who wants to avoid having extraction or periodontal surgery. Thanks again and we would like to visit with you again.

Warm Regards,

Phyllis Ley, RDH, Sedona, AZ


Good morning:

In the forty years of practicing periodontics, trained by Dr. Timothy J. O'Leary who was most intent on initial preparation, I have not seen such magnificent results, nor thoroughness of attention to detail as with Chad. Several years ago T gave up conventional periodontal surgical methods for LANAP, which I find works amazingly well. Not only from the standpoint of clinical results, but that of patient acceptance. However, the results I saw following your treatment were truly amazing. The incorporation of a multitude of approaches and having him whole heartedly accept these recommendations which led to the results has given him an opportunity to maintain and retain his teeth.

I am particularly interested in the application of Emdogain and the clinical results and histology associated with long termed results utilizing your approach. Do you have any literature recommendations published not by those who sell Emdogain or the Perioscope? I would be most interested in reading them. Also, when you do have incomplete anticipated results (failures) what do you ascribe as the reason(s) for the failure.

Again, exceedingly nice results you have achieved. I also will be calling to talk with you about training with the Perioscope.


Page P. Barden, D.D.S., M.S.D., F.L.C.O.I.

Dear Judy,

I would like to thank you for all you have done for me. My gums are great and I feel I'm so lucky I found you. You can't imagine how happy I am now!

Hope your business is doing well and best wishes to you,

Lyn, Anaheim, CA

Hi Judy,

The 6 month gum charting is attached. I am very happy with results although there are still a couple of 4s and 5s. Overall I’ve been feeling great for the past 6 months, no bleeding, inflammation, pain, sensitivity at all. I followed your maintenance instructions daily and visited dentist every 3 months. My dentist says the #12 area looks good too.

Will those 4s and 5s keep reducing if I keep what I am doing now? Any comments?

Best regards,

Jiangang, Austin, TX


Good morning. I hope you are well and spring is off to a good start for you. I had my 6-month dental checkup and cleaning yesterday and am attaching the pocket measurements for your review. The dentist seemed pleased and noted that the tissue looks healthy. Minimal bleeding and only in the back pockets. I've scheduled another cleaning for 3 months out.

Please let me know your thoughts regarding the chart and any next steps.

Thank you!

Andrea, Denver, CO

Hi Judy:

I went in for my 3 month cleaning. My GD had seen significant improvement when I went in for a filling adjustment last month. Today the other GD in the office came in and wanted to complete the exam as she had read your report and wanted to check me out. Everyone was super impressed by the significant changes in my overall dental health! They could not believe it. They asked about my comfort and had me explain what I as a patient experienced. They are so amazed and interested in the procedure and the dramatic changes. They are very supportive and cannot wait to see what probing will bring about. My GD will be sharing your report with his findings with the periodontist that I saw prior to coming to see you. I will go back in December for the probing. I am still smoke free and working through therapy for mouth breathing....that has been the most difficult however my GD is working to see if there is more he can help me with when I am asleep with mouth breathing.

I will send in my report for December but would like you to complete a one year follow up if possible? (Great reason for mom and I to come out and visit you and the area again!!!)

Thanks Judy for giving my teeth another chance! I will continue to keep you updated!


Nikki, Michigan

Dear Judy,

It's been over a year since I was in for treatment and I have only good news to report! No more gum bleeding and improved pocket numbers!

I'm convinced that having RPE treatment, rather than another round of gum surgery, was the best option for me. Best of all, with your help and Oral DNA lab testing, I found out why I was experiencing repeated gum problems. Since I've always practiced excellent oral hygiene this was my big question and I never received an adequate answer from my regular dentist.

Feel free to add my comments to your webpage.

Thank you!

Emily Porzia, Missoula MT

Hi Judy,

I had the RPE procedure done a little over 6 months ago. I was told I had advanced periodontitis and surgery was required to address the problem. Yesterday when I went for my 6 months check-up, my dentist told me that all my pockets are now 2's, 3's and very few 4's. It was better than I could have dreamed. The dentist was very impressed as well and they will be reaching out to you to learn more about RPE.

You are a dedicated and kind person who adopts holistic approach to dealing with the dental problem. I had a great experience.

THANK YOU so much for everything. I can't recommend PerioPeak enough !!!


Prashant, IL

Dear Judy,

I hope you are well.

I wanted to let you know that when I went to have my periodontal maintenance work, my hygienist and family dentist both commented how thorough your RPE treatment and your dental report are. My dentist also commented that my gum looks healthy. They were so impressed and both commented that your treatment is really state-of-the-art. For my post-treatment 6-month probing and examination, they have suggested that I go back to your office so that I can get an authoritative and comprehensive check-up. They said that they would be happy to read your examination results and suggestions and follow through with them in my future treatments.

Best regards,

Angela, Lynnwood, WA


Everything is perfect!!!!!!!!! Both myself and the dentist couldn't be happier. See her every three months for cleaning and no issues AT ALL. I have continued with the Oral pick which I love and have not had once incident of gum bleeding. The tooth in the front does not hurt ever and the root under my cap seems to be perfect. She hasn't thought it was necessary for x rays. She definitely has been to your website and we have talked about you Almost every visit!!

I also have lost 80 pounds and have got my blood pressure under control. I am still taking Lifepack Nano once a day and C and D. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have seen you!!! The difference in my mouth in indescribable. I really thought I was in the process of a lot of oral surgery and losing teeth. I have and would recommend the procedure to EVERYONE!! Thank You , Thank You, Thank You!!!!!

Matt, Denver, CO

Hey Judy!

Thank you for checking back with me. I am doing much better now and with a dentist at Tufts Dental in downtown Boston.

Overall I would say the treatment has been successful. We sure like to recommend to others for the procedure.

You have a great holiday weekend then!

Jun, Boston, MA

Hi Judy,

I am doing very well, thanks to you! I am a few months from completing my orthodontic treatment. I went with invisalign in order to be able to better care for my gums.

My gums have continued to stay strong since my treatment with you. No more bleeding. Even during my quarterly cleaning with the dentist I experience little or no bleeding. My dentist commented that I really made a good choice with whatever I did, although he is still reluctant to think it would work for most people. Ha, ha. I have not had to do any procedures of any kind since my visit to cavities, or anything, other than cleanings.

Dennis, Denver, CO

Hi Judy and Staff,

Greetings from New Hampshire!

I know it has been a while (since August) but, we have been very busy moving and restoring an 1800's house and it has been very hard to find the time to even send an email... for this I apologize.

You will be pleased to know I have not been neglecting my teeth!! I have been to a new dentist and had my teeth charted a while back and you will be happy to know that six months after the procedure a "4" was my deepest pocket!!!!! The hygienist was very impressed with what you have accomplished and is looking forward to doing some research into your procedure. The dentist was very impressed as well and we are all working together to keep my teeth healthy and happy.

Thanks so much for everything, we had a great experience in your beautiful state and a wonderful trip across the country. Meeting all of you and being treated with such kindness was a lovely bonus.



Good morning, went in for my check up yesterday. He measured my pockets and I had all 2s and 3s one 6 and two 5s . He told me that was great considering my chart before the procedure. He gave me a cleaning and told me to keep up the good work on my home care. My teeth look great and feel great , thank you so much. The attached chart is from my check-up.

Thank You,

Michael J., Arlington, TX

Hi Judy,

I just got back from seeing my dentist. He is most impressed with how my gums now look, and called the improvement "marvelous." Sweet! 🙂

He said we're probably going to blow your mind when we measure pocket depths in a few months. He thinks the improvement will be massive, based on what he saw. I didn't say anything, but I think it's more likely *his* mind will be blown than yours!

I am very happy with his assessment of my gums! I think RPE is the best damn perio treatment on the planet, and I am VERY glad I made the trip up to see you. Thanks for the awesome work! 🙂

Let me know your thoughts. Talk soon.

Bryan, California

Hi Judy,

My results are great, I did have to have that other tooth out, but all my pockets are less than 3 and I am smoke free one year. I just came from the periodontist and they were amazed. Sorry it took so long to write. Thank you for everything.


Hi Judy-

Thank you for sending the pathogen report - that is good news. I am doing well. I needed Tylenol only one night (2nd night) and I feel that I am healing well. The swollen gum around the #5 tooth is not red anymore and has reduced in size. I do still have a little tenderness on the inside gum of that tooth, but I'm hoping that will subside. I am glad that I had the procedure done on my entire mouth and look forward to caring for my gums in the best way possible.

I feel that you correctly diagnosed what was going on in my mouth and I am so grateful. It was a leap of faith to come to you without any recommendation except your informative website, and I truly feel I did the right thing. Being a consumer in healthcare is fraught with difficulty in obtaining the correct care. I try to be as healthy as I can, so I don't need much healthcare! But in this situation, I needed expertise and I found that in you. I look forward to receiving additional information about my plan of care. Thank you again, Judy. I feel very fortunate that I only had to drive across the mountains to receive your care!


Wenatchee, WA

Hi Judy,

Thanks for the dentist recommendation. Unfortunately Dr Nolan has just retired! So went to see another new dentist but brought all my files with me, including previous XRAys, pocket measurements and the letter you gave me.

It was a bit later than planned…actually way later. They measured my pockets and took new XRAYs (4 side panels and number 8). The improvement is amazing. No pockets that are more than 4. Mostly 2 and 4 and I have attached the chart for you. As for mobility, the front tooth number 8 is now only class 1 mobility, I think it was a 2 or a 3. My gums in the past year haven't been bleeding anymore and the constant inflammation around tooth 8 has disappeared, so there hasn't been any further bone loss. It doesn't look like the bone has grown back…but considering the location of the tooth, it may not be surprising. At least the gum around it is firm and there is no more infection.

I have asked the dentist to send them the new X-rays, so if they haven't done so in the next few days, I will remind them. They didn't have time to do a cleaning, so they will do next week too. Any important information for the next cleaning?

This is great that I could have this treatment done last year. I wish I had found out about you before that number 8 lost so much bone…but anyway now it is stable.

Thanks again. I hope that all hygienists and dentists consider using an endoscope (I told the dentist)!

Portland, OR

Hello Ms Carroll-

Daphne asked me to forward her present x-rays to you to see the progress she has made with her perio. She was very excited and wanted you to check it out! J Thank you-

Heather Hawthorne Legacy Dental