Patients' Testimonials

Testimonials from Patients and Professionals!

Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy - RPE - utilizing periodontal endoscopy technology, is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and cost-effective treatment for periodontal disease. Patients appreciate a non-surgical option, the nearly-painless procedure, and the considerable savings in time and money. Dental professionals appreciate referring their patients for an effective, non-surgical periodontal disease solution.

Hello again.

I had my first visit with my hygienist since our time together in January. Per your instructions I waited six months. Kim was very impressed with the results of your RPE and remarked it was worth the money. Actually, she expressed interest in learning the method. While the dentist checked my teeth, Kim was talking up RPE. I guess like the old saying says " the proof is in the pudding". There was pocket reduction with all teeth except four, pockets unchanged in two, and deeper pockets in two. However, and according to Kim, the best result was no bleeding anywhere. So, maybe my hygienist will learn your procedure. I certainly will be good word of mouth advertising for you. Take care!

Deronda Strickland

Hi Judy,
I had my teeth cleaned yesterday and I had to tell you about my results. My deepest pocket, 9mm was reduced to 6mm in just 4 months. My other ones are all in the 4mm to 5mm range now. I had my teeth cleaned every other month by a very good hygienist but no special scaling and root planing. So after fighting this for 20 years I have found the problem. For a highly compliant patient like myself this is vindication in actually finding the problem.

Also, swallowing problems associated with my inflamed esophagus have improved dramatically. I can just imagine how happy my coronary arteries are although they have not given me any symptoms. So it appears I have an exaggerated case of hyper reactive inflammation. My dermatologist is amazed since my problem with cysts on my neck has completely disappeared too!

Thank you for posting this information which has literally changed my life. I've been able to dig up some additional information regarding doxycycline effect on C reactive protein levels in the blood and it appears it reduces levels by almost 50% versus around 30% for the statins so heavily promoted in current literature. So I suppose this CRP reduction will turn out to be the most important factor in the long run. My heart thanks you too.

Thanks again for making a difference,
Bruce Hammerstrom
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Thank You soooo much Judy,
Pleasure meeting you as well Judy. That was awesome. You are a credit to the human race. I feel very blessed to have received your treatment. I am doing very well. I will touch base with you via email when I return to FL later on this week. I plan on coming back to see you in 3months.

Thanks Again.
Michael, Florida

Hello Judy,
First, I want to thank you for your " chairside" manner, you kept my anxiety at bay and I appreciated how you kept me in the information loop throughout the procedure. Second, You efforts to make sure I was pain free as possible were very well received. I never felt as if you were hurrying and that my comfort was a priority. Third, please relay to your office staff that they are top notch and made me feel welcome like I was a long time patient. I experienced very minimal soreness and have been careful not to knock my teeth around as I watch what I'm eating and how I brush. I am looking forward to my check-up and may be out there for a three month and six month check. Thank you again.

Peace and Joy,

Hey Judy,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note. We are back in Florida and I have done great. Like you mentioned, I have had a little bit of sensitivity to cold and hot but that's all. I will be in touch in the future. From the bottom of my heart…thank you for being the kind of person who had the compassion, the brains and the skills to come up with an alternative to flap and Lanap surgery. Take care of yourself….the world needs you!


In the " street terms" Judy, you've got " Game." Excellent eye-hand (and camera-eye-hand) coordination plus all other knowledge/skills/attributes which make for as close to an ideal experience as possible. Hopefully as many people as possible will benefit from this during your career.

Best regards,
Larry M.

Dear Judy,
Just hanging out in my hotel room at the moment and the anesthesia has worn off one side of my mouth (which is nice!). It was a pleasure to meet you and Susanne. I was particularly impressed with your knowledge, skill, and kindness. You made the procedure nearly effortless for me, as the patient. Your attitude and demeanor toward your patients and your work are a credit to you and those affiliated with you. I am confident I made a great decision in coming to Washington to be treated by you.

I hope to keep in touch going forward. If I have any questions I will communicate them to you via e-mail.

Best wishes on a flourishing practice,
Peter, Los Angeles

Great news! My year check up went great. All the depths are less than 4mm!!!! they are all 1-3's. The hygienist says my gums are beautiful. She only wants to see me every 6 months. It will be interesting to see if things change without the doxycycline for 6 months.

Thank you so much for saving me from the osseous surgery. I wish had seen you before the first surgery. I'd probably still have my #3 molar had if I had known about the endoscopic procedure. Feel free to put any of my comments on your website. I found them helpful when I was searching for help.

How frequently would you like to hear from me?

I will have my husband send the x-rays and measurements. She didn't chart my measurements this time. She just said to tell you that the last 4's are now 3's.

Take care and keep doing what you do best.

Happy Easter,
Jody Zankl

Hello Judy,
Thank you so much for all your attention to detail in your treatment applications and follow up letter, photos, on-going treatment and self-care recommendations!

An extra big thanks to you for your style of practicing and interacting with a client which puts the client at the steering wheel as much as possible, making your expertise and services feel like something that I am inviting into my world and my body, rather than needing to brace, defend, and protect myself from the kind of invasive attitudes that seem to be standard in our culture's healing and teaching professions. As the Latin root of 'doctor' is 'teacher', I see these professions as functionally linked. Contemporary styles of teaching try to force knowledge and behavior into students with predictably mixed and poor results, and I think many well-intentioned health care practitioners who recognize their value as not just authority figures on the subject of health but also as interactive teachers unfortunately base their educating style on this same forced approach, rather than gleaning the client's own questions, and building from there. Given the necessarily invasive nature of the mechanics of periodontal repair, especially in such advanced stages of disease as my mouth presents, and the undeniable human temptation to impatience with such a poor student of dental health as myself, I am extremely grateful to have found you and your holistic client-centered techniques and attitude, with whom to work on my own healing!

Your mixture of goal-oriented standards, expectations of excellence from yourself and from outcomes combined with the wisdom and attitudinal ability to place your own agendas in the hands of the client as much as in your own- thereby letting go of some measure of control which we know is always a risk- well of course you must be quite aware of how difficult and magical a trick this sort of thing is to pull off. Maybe you might enjoy hearing it reflected from a client now and again. I just wish there were many more like you all across the country including in Maine so evolved technologically as well as psychologically, and practicing in all the specialties of dental and other general health care fields!

Birgit, Maine

Hi Judy,
I am so grateful for what you do. So very grateful that I found you! I can't imagine having to go through the alternative of " standard" perio treatment, with all of the slicing and disfigurement. You are truly a miracle worker!! Thank you again!


Dear Judy,
I am writing this to express my gratitude and appreciation for the RPE treatment that you did for my full mouth procedure this morning.

Right now, it is just five hours after you completed my RPE treatment in the afternoon, the local anesthetic on my mouth has worn out and my gum is doing fine. I was able to have dinner without problem (I just had soft and easy to chew food. I am careful on what I can chew, my teeth cannot handle steak now, but hopefully it will in the next few days).

As I have diagnosed with advanced periodontal disease, I was shocked to hear my dentist's recommendation for multiple teeth extraction, and thus I determined to find out if there is any hope around the corner.

When I discovered PerioPeak Innovations with your RPE procedure through Google search, I felt extremely hopeful. Further research on many of your papers, published on your web site and many other publications such as Modern Hygienist, Microvision Dental Technologies, Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, Dental Economics, RDH Magazine, etc., I am very impressed with your remarkable success on many clinical cases and also found that you are highly respected in the field by your fellow dental professionals. I think I am lucky that I found a clinical dental professional who can save many of my teeth that my local dentist has recommended for extraction.

I also impressed with the Haritaki supplement that you gave me. For the two weeks before my appointment with you, I took the doses per your guidance and immediately felt the positive result. The result is evident from my own experience: This Haritaki not only suppressed the inflammatory in my gum, but also helped me sleeping better at night, feeling well during the day. Another additional positive effect from the detoxification effect of Haritaki is my blood pressure has decreased consistently for the last 2 weeks from around 135/85 to 120/80 (I measure my blood pressure at least twice a day). It is simply unfortunate for many others who are not introduced to this amazing herb and I hope that someday, it will be part of the main stream medicine for periodontal inflammatory suppression.

I understand that there will never be 100% guarantee for any remission of any disease even with most FDA approved procedures or drugs, but your RPE procedure did give me a chance and I will not waste any chance that I can have for the remission without tooth extraction & invasive periodontal surgery. I will talk to my local Endodontist for some potential root canal treatment, and will report back to you in the next six months on the progress of my remission.

Thanks again,
Dong Nguyen

I was a true pleasure meeting you the other day. I Thank you for your time with me. I am very hopeful that things are going to work out just fine. Things were a little sore today. I brushed twice with a manual tooth brush and ate minimally. I guess I was just too sore. I already feel " mentally" better…and that's a huge plus.

I look forward to your letter. Your a wonderful, exciting person. Your knowledge, heart and skill is most beneficial to people…and keep doing what you do…and I think it's wonderful that your not a a phony out to make the most of people's troubles. Your a genuine person. What your doing is worth something!! Thank you. By the way, we enjoyed Washington. We loved the people, much friendlier than the East Coast. I man that. I have lived here for 31 years!! My husband actually wants to go back to visit Forks! I was pretty floored when he said that!!

Tami – Providence, RI

Good Morning Judy!
I sure hope this email finds you well!

Dave is doing great! He is going to the dentist today as a matter of fact for molds. Dr. Kaminiski is shocked and amazed at how well Dave's teeth are doing, hmm go figure!!!

Judy, we still can't thank you enough for all you did for Dave, and for saving him from the horror of that surgery!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Talk soon!
Michelle – Skokie, IL

Hi Judy,
I don't know if you remember me or not. I am Sandy and you saw me around the end of April and treated me with the RPE procedure.

I just went today to have my 6 month cleaning done and they did take a full mouth probing which I asked be sent to you so you can see the progress.

Most of the probes were in the 2-4mm range and I still had some 5mm on the upper and lower right sides.

I am so thankful that I found your website and the wonderful treatment option that you make available. As you know, I was faced with surgery and the loss of 3 teeth. Thankfully, after going through your procedure, I will not be losing any teeth now. I wish everyone who is faced with periodontal surgery could find you. I certainly will recommend you to anyone who is facing drastic periodontal procedures.

I can not thank you enough. I was blessed beyond measure to find you. Thank you, Thank you Thank you

Love, Sandy

Sorry I did not write to you sooner. Other than two hours' delay at the airport, the trip was fairly smooth. Don't feel sorry for your stressed mood; that is just one side of your character, which I found is almost as much appealing as your compassion to human suffering and your earnest endeavor in relieving it. The understanding and care shown between human beings is one of the things that make life so beautiful, and you are never scant of such beauty.

Thank you so much!
Dong, NY

I wish to thank you again for the patient , caring and most professional way I was treated by you…there should be more people in the world like you… it would most definitely make a difference . 🙂 You should be proud of your service to humanity. I would like to know how I can post a testamonial on your site… I feel I owe that to you and other people who need you and if there is any other way I can help you promote your cause…please don't hesitiate to tell me how … I feel strongly about this… it may take me awhile to do everything you say I should monetarily… but I will make every effort possible….

Many thanks.

Take care and God Bless,
Deb - Westford, Ma

just a quick gums definitely feel like they are tighter to the teeth and much higher. Food used to constantly get stuck in between my teeth. But now that only happens on occasion.I am so glad that I made the trip to see you.I'm still following all your suggestions including the Periogen at night in the waterpik.

Thanks for saving my teeth!

I just got back from my three month re-evaluation and my 12mm and 10mm pockets have closed up to 3mm and 2mm with lots of new bone. My case is well documented.

Why isn't RPE the standard of care for periodontal defects? What's everyone waiting for? It's not like Judy Carroll keeps RPE a secret!

I have had all manner of periodontal surgery from a top periodontist in San Diego; very expensive, painful, and to my surprise, ineffective! Judy's RPE procedure is so superior it makes standard periodontal treatments look like something out of the Dark Ages.

Thanks Judy! You're the greatest!

Doug Andersen
GM, The Periogen Company, SanDiego, CA

Before I found PerioPeak Innovations, I was in nearly constant pain. I had bleeding gums with pockets that measured from 5 to 12. I'd seen two periodontists. Both agreed that I needed to have some of my bottom front teeth pulled. One wanted to pull two. The other wanted to pull four . Both agreed that while I might keep my front top teeth temporarily, they would be gone within four to five years. These periodontists wanted to use the gum cutting procedure to deal with the pockets.

I selected the periodontist who talked of pulling only two of my bottom front teeth. He worked on my top left quadrant first, the area where I had the most pain. My eye tooth had a severe infection that ravaged the bone in the surrounding area. He used bone grafting during the procedure. As I healed and the stitches began to dissolve, I realized he'd left a large and disfiguring hole between my eye tooth and the tooth toward the front.

When I questioned him about what could be done cosmetically, he let me know that we needed to deal with the gum disease and leave my vanity for a later date. I might have been alright with his response, but within six weeks of having had the gum cutting done to my upper left quadrant, the pain in the area returned.

At this point, I went to yet another periodontist, one who used laser surgery. He wanted to remove the bottom four teeth and put a splint on the upper front teeth. By this time, I was researching everything online. My research showed that laser surgery didn't resolve gum disease. And I didn't like the idea of a splint. I began searching the web for alternative treatments.

I discovered information about Emdogain and liked the idea of its being used in my treatment. Once I began searching for professionals using Emdogain, I found Judy. Her synergistic approach appealed to me, but I wanted to know more about the two treatments she combined with the Emdogain. I researched the perioscope and the antibiotic on the web. I also called Judy and asked her unending questions, which she patiently answered.

Last fall, I flew to Washington for Judy's procedure. Within weeks, I felt almost no pain in my gums. At my first cleaning after the procedure, my dentist admitted that it looked like the procedure had bought time for even the bottom four teeth. Before Judy's procedure, I could feel shifting of my teeth, but they don't shift now.

I wish I had found Judy's synergistic approach sooner. However, I'm glad I found PerioPeak before I endured more of the invasive and expensive periodontal procedures. I do have cosmetic issues I need to address, but I am doing so without having lost all my front teeth. I wish I'd found PerioPeak Innovations sooner.

Carol, Ohio

What impressed me about RPE was the simplicity. I took 20mg of doxicillin two times a day prior to and after treatment. The debridement went smoothly, and the Emdogain was a non-event. After that she just told me " the rest is up to you" meaning that I had to remember to take two PerioStat pills a day for awhile. Not much of a challenge.

There is no post-procedure discomfort at all, with the exception of an aversion to cold on a couple of rear molars, which has nearly passed.

There is not much more to report. No stitches, no chewing on one side of my mouth for six months like I had to after surgery, and no fear or guilt trip that seems to be in some dentist's playbook. The RPE that Judy performed was the most professional dental procedure and process that I have experienced, and I have had a few.

Hi Judy,

It has been about 4 years since I was there and you did such a good thing for me, my teeth could not be much better - they are in excellent condition thanks to you.

My best to you,

Hi Judy,
I don't know if you'll remember me, but here goes…

I came to you from New York back in 2004 August. Mine was a challenging case and you worked on me for several hours. After the session, you and I and the doctor you were with at that time (I forget his name), had a discussion about very low dose antibiotics to follow the PerioPeak treatment and how I used it to treat rheumatoid arthritis too.

Well, I'm happy to say 3 years later, that my periodontal problems are a thing of the past. All my loose teeth are firm and I have no pockets! You set the stage and the low-dose ABs did the rest.

If you recall, I then moved to India.
I have been here ever since and have set up an alternative medical center.
I have used a similar approach to gum disease on several people with very good results.
I always speak about you…telling others in India about your technology.

I have been meaning to write to you…and now finally I got down to it.
I will most probably be sending you a friend of mine who lives in Los Angeles…she needs the treatment badly.
I am also looking for a way to introduce the PerioPeak technology in India…has the company worked out their growing pains and production shortages?

Do drop me a line when time permits…it will be lovely to hear from you.

Good luck,
Suresh Shottam

I wanted to follow up with about my dentist visit last week. The doctor was very impressed with my turnaround and my back tooth no longer has mobility. Pockets were reduced by a large degree. He was running to your website after I left and he took several pictures of the area. I heavily encouraged him to contact you and look into training. This could be a positive connection for you. I also sent a note to Delta Dental about the procedure and process. They told me that they would look into it.

Thanks again and hope you are continuing to do great things…

Dear Judy,
I want to thank you for the work you have done on my teeth to date. Your enthusiasm, dedication and passion for saving peoples' teeth and mine in particular have been impressive and it has helped me through a difficult period.

When Dr. " X" told me some months ago that I had no choice but to have all my teeth extracted I was dumbfounded and confused. I knew that my teeth were not the best in the world and that I did have periodontitis, but I did not think that my condition was that terminal!

Researching on the web and talking to people, I discovered the Perioscopy technology and then through you learned about Emdogain. As I researched the topic more and more, and discussed with you and others, I realized that I had an alternative and was going to give it a fair, fighting chance.

I knew that four teeth were goners and that the future of two more could not be guaranteed but I still wanted to give it a try. Following the two Perioscopy sessions with you, the Emdogain treatment and the increased emphasis on my own personal dental hygiene (flossing daily, electric toothbrush, and quarterly visits to the dental hygienist), I think that we have the situation under control and in check. That is why I decided to start the implant treatment to restore the gaps. It looks like only four will be necessary and that the two no-guarantee teeth are going to be okay.

As you know my main concern was not cosmetic, my smile has always been a bit crooked but I wanted to keep my own teeth for as long as possible, and enjoy eating and drinking and really tasting what is in my mouth.

Your dedication to the furtherance of the Perioscopy technology and your desire to save people from having their teeth extracted too soon and unnecessarily, are to be admired. I know that you will continue with such energy, and that is why I have written this letter in the hope that you will share my experience with others who have similar problems.

Thank you very much for everything.


Hi Judy,
I thought the x-rays looked good…." hopeless" should be removed from periodontal vocabulary! Interesting, I do not even know which is 31 (please describe location). I am assuming I would not do any root canal(s) until the emdogain has had a full year to perform…please advise if that is correct….thanks! Maybe by then, you will come up with an easy procedure that replaces root canals (may be closer to the truth than we think!) The gingiva by 19 is still quite receded….any chance that it will grow back?

I am so very pleased that I followed my instincts and that I found you and went with your program instead of the very grizzly and old fashioned periodontal approach!

Many thanks and much gratitude.

All the best,

Oh My Heavens!!! So much time has gone by so quickly. Please forgive me for not getting right to you to tell you how fabulous I've been doing. Your ears should be buzzing all the time because I haven't stopped talking about the wonderful experience of finding you, and how great your work was when I was in your chair. MY FRONT TOOTH IS ONLY A TINY BIT LOOSE. Tiny, tiny. I'm soo happy since it was so loose before your treatment I was afraid to touch it because it was so loose I thought it was going to fall out. No pain, no more gum abscess. All my other teeth feel tighter and " healthy" . I am so grateful.

I'm afraid to let anyone touch my gums. I can't afford to come back for a three month cleaning but I hope to come out for the 6 month cleaning. What should I say to the dental hygienist about how not to disrupt your work. You are one of the sweetest people.

I will always be grateful for your fantastic passion to save peoples teeth. You have saved mine. Happy New Year!!

Love, Chris

Hi Judy,
I just got back from my first dental appt. since the perio treatment. I was nervous. Everyone was so anxious to get a look at my mouth and hear all about the procedure. The hygienist was new and had just seen my chart for the first time. After reading your letter she couldn't wait to get started.

This is how the conversation went……" Wow……, wow……oh my gosh, this is so exciting……incredible……..I can't wait to get done with work so I can check out her website…….I've never seen anything like this before.

She GENTLY checked some of the pockets and continued to be amazed. My 9mm's were down to 4mm's. She's anxious for my next checkup so she can do a little more. Needless to say Dr. Cobb was just as amazed and anxious to learn more about your treatment. I wouldn't be surprised if you hear from him. He's a great guy and cares very much about people (just like you).

I couldn't wait to get home to give you the update. I'll no longer be anxious about going to the dentist.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you,

P.S. My mom told HER dentist about the results and they are VERY interested. So if you get inquiries from Southern Ohio, you'll know we've been telling EVERYONE.


I have been remiss in contacting you to let you know how wonderful it was to meet you. My teeth feel fabulous. I keep resisting the urge to wiggle that tooth that was sooooo loose. I just did and it feels tighter already!!! Yeah! I have told everyone…even people who weren't interested (smile)…about how terrific you are and how amazing the procedure was.

I had a little tenderness and swelling from the laser procedure but that's it. My gums actually feel different. They feel tighter and more normal if that's a description. I went on two tourist tours and enjoyed every minute. I saw the salmon steps and the locks. I spent the rest of the time walking and resting. I truly enjoyed Seattle. I really needed the rest also.

Thank you so much for taking me to lunch at that lovely restaurant. It was truly the best meal I had while I was there.

Finding you and saving my teeth has been a turning point in my life. Thank you.

Again please forgive me for taking so long to express my gratitude,
Love, Chris


Hi Judy! I'm sure all of your patients gush about the great work you do and I am no different. You've relieved a lot of stress in my life and you made our trip to Seattle a treasured memory. And I lost 5 pounds, ON VACATION. That NEVER happens. But I guess 4-5 hours on Mt. Rainier can do that for you.

I've never been anxious to go to the dentist, but I can't wait for my first check-up so he can see your work.

Thanks again for everything and for the work you do,

Hi Judy,
Well, good news! I just got home from the dentist and having my teeth cleaned and pockets probed and x-rays. All GOOD! Sammi Snyder from Dr, Haddads office will be sending my probing results and x-rays to you. So much new bone, you just wouldn't believe it. You will be so proud. They (and me), were so excited. And the fun thing for me was that the cleaning and probing did not hurt at all, almost no sensitivity. Almost no bleeding.

My teeth just feel stronger in my mouth.

I know Sammi would love to be doing what you do, of course she doesn't have the equipment, but some day, I hope.

I hope you are doing well, and that you are convincing more people to do your perioscopy technique, It really works.

I'll go back on Dec 20 for cleaning and probing and x-rays (7 months by then), and see how far we are with bone growth.

Hope you're well and thanks for everything,

I just can't tell you in words how much all you've done has meant to me. You are an amazingly special woman and I can't sing your praises highly enough to everyone I meet!

I really want you to know how much finding PerioPeak and having the perioscopy treatment has meant to me – I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders (not to mention my teeth!) and I know I've been blessed to have been able to find you (and Louanne, too!). You're always in my prayers and I hope you'll keep in touch.

Oh – I almost forgot – we absolutely LOVED Seattle – we went to Pike Place market before we left and bought a couple of pounds of salmon & Dungeness crab and lugged it home on the plane. We also spent an entire day (I think it was Fri) driving all around Olympic Nat'l Park – took the ferry – drove to the Quileute Indian reservation, LOVED the Pacific Ocean at La Push, drove back down 101, saw Ruby Beach (excellent!), found a place called Kalaloch Lodge that we hope we'll be able to get back some day to stay at – it's so beautiful there. Drove 5 through Olympia, Tacoma and then back up to Lynnwood. We were exhausted, but happy!!

Thank you again for all you've done. I am so lucky to have found you. I wish the same for my fellow periodontal sufferers.

We'd love to take you up on your "salmon feast" offer when we manage to get back to Seattle – I've already told Russ I'm planning on going back to you for my one year checkup!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

All the best,
New York

I was afflicted with very severe periodontal disease for well over 15 years. During that time I had been treated by 3 highly recommended periodontists. In each case I underwent repeated treatments only to be told afterwards that my case was beyond treatment and that a whole mouth (or near whole mouth) extraction was required. Am I ever glad that I didn't throw in the towel, and also that I came upon Judy's clinic.

Without undergoing surgery, Judy managed to fully restore my oral health. I've kept all my teeth with no threat of loosing any of them anytime soon. For the first time in decades I do not suffer from root sensitivity or abscesses. This treatment really works. I would encourage anyone with any degree of periodontal disease to seek it out.

Dr Bruno S Marcoccia.
Federal Way, WA


PerioPeak Innovations and Perioscopy…they are like magical words to me. You have accomplished what my dentist and periodontist could not do in my battle with periodontal disease for over 20 years! Your extraordinary protocol has returned my oral health to a level well beyond my best expectations.

I have smoked for years. My family dental history (both my parents lost ALL their teeth by their 30's), and not taking the disease as seriously as I should have, all contributed to a dim prospect for my teeth.

My periodontist did gum surgery on my lower and upper right side over 10 years ago. I still ended up losing two molars to bone loss, and in my opinion the procedure caused even MORE sensitivity. I could no longer eat the foods I loved, especially ice cream. It was painful, expensive, and something I refused to have done again on the left side; even after my periodontist and hygienist urged me for years to have it done.

Then, fate put you in my path…due to your incredible technique, and more compassion than I have ever seen in your profession, the results from your straight forward, non-invasive, cost effective, and painless procedures have been truly amazing. I am totally confident I will never loose another tooth, nor suffer with the pain, sensitivity and bone loss associated with periodontal disease and surgery as long as you are providing my dental heath care.

Please do not hesitate to send any references my way.

My Gratitude Always,
Ron French

Hi Judy,

I'm home in Hawaii and doing fine. Thank you for all your hard work and extra efforts on my gums. I really appreciate your extra time and for going beyond the mile.

Please thank Louanne again for taking great care of me. I will never forget her kindness towards me. Judy thanks for giving me hope.


In October of 2005, a loose front tooth and abscess forced an emergency appointment with my dentist. I was told, "Of course, you will have to lose that tooth; and we'll have to schedule you for periodontal surgery in two weeks." My pockets were from 5 to 10 mm.

WHOA!! What that meant was cutting all my gums down to the roots, the final cost was overwhelming! I was so scared. No dentist had EVER told me that my periodontal disease was THAT bad!

So . . . I figured, there must be something else between having a reasonably healthy mouth and 'filleting' my gums. I went on-line and found Judy Carroll of PerioPeak Institute. She told me what 'perioscopy' was all about, so I decided to go to her for the procedure.

I am in awe of what Judy does! Since having perioscopy in November, my gums have not been puffy, sore, or bleeding. I have no pockets. While still somewhat sensitive, my once-loose tooth is firmly in place, and the x-rays show new bone growing around this tooth and many others.

I had a post-perioscopy three-month cleaning (02/06) with no soreness or bleeding! I can't wait to show my dentist the evidence: "See? This is what can result from an alternative, less-invasive procedure!"



I am doing just fine and I am very happy with the results of the perioscopy. I had minor discomfort on my way home on Friday but that was it. My gum abscess on the front is getting better and already I can feel the difference. I am so glad I went to see you. You gave me my life back! It's like having a big weight off my back. I am sooooo happpppy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've been telling my friends and family about my experience with perioscopy. May God bless you always; you are a warm, caring person. I am so glad God put you in my path. You were an answer to my prayer. Thank you for your professionalism. You have a God given talent.

Nelly, California


I am so thankful to you for offering a better alternative to surgery. Since I was young, I have had problems with my gums. When I was told recently that I should have surgery for my gum disease, I couldn't accept that as my only choice. From the first day I talked to you and saw the information on your web site I felt like this was the right decision. But after I went to you in Washington and had the perioscopy, I knew that I had definitely made the right decision. The procedure itself was practically painless and I had very little discomfort afterwards. Finally, I actually have pink gums.

I am not embarrassed to smile like I use to be and show my gums. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can't express to you how grateful I am to you and your vision of perioscopy!

Damaris Allen, Pennsylvania

Hi Judy,

It was truly a pleasure to have met you and the ladies in your office; all of you made my stay and treatment comfortable and -wish I could say- pleasant experience. Seriously, I was very satisfied with the professionalism, knowledge and attention received by everyone.

I had very little discomfort yesterday during the flight and this morning I am feeling a lot better. I will keep my fingers crossed hoping your deep cleaning treatment will stop and reverse the damage done; I am positive it will. Don't forget to refer me to a local dentist and hygienist for my future check ups.

Until then, thank you for your attention and work.


Dear Ms. Carroll,

I just wanted to send a note of heartfelt thanks to you for helping me with my gum problems. You are truly a passionate and caring professional. I believe in and am impressed with what you are doing. I hope you are able to continue helping others as you have helped me.

Thanks again,

Dear Judy,

When I saw you on TV I was so excited and relieved to know there was another option for me besides the gum surgery I was told I needed. Thank you so much for saving my teeth and gums, they have never felt better!



I don't know if I said it enough times to you: I have a deep admiration for you; you're a fantastic professional and a fabulous human being (that's a rare combination nowadays unfortunately). Thanks for doing this!


Judy Carroll,

I want to thank you for saving my gums. You are definitely the best dental hygienist I've ever had!

With much appreciation,
Gerda Frumpkin

After finding out what the conventional treatment methods are for Periodontal disease, I researched and found out about Perioscopy. Now I had a choice to avoid the unpleasant side effects of gum surgery including pain, stitches, bleeding, and swelling. I contacted Judy and was impressed with her passion, dedication, and innovation in this treatment method and scheduled an appointment. It worked out really well and I noticed that even on the same evening of the procedure, no more bleeding gums while brushing my teeth. Played golf the next day. Looking forward to healthy gums… An alternative? I think it should be the standard.

Ron G., Michigan


I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Thanks for putting up with all my questions and answering my e-mails when I was struggling with what to do. I also am grateful for your generosity by offering me the discount for being your "teaching case".

As you know, I was very discouraged and had given up all hope until I found your website. I truly believe that God helped me find you. Only time will tell, but I am very optimistic about the outcome of perioscopy and I know that I made the right decision to have YOU ( the Best RDH in the World!) do it for me.

It was a great pleasure meeting you, and I look forward to telling others what a caring person you are.

Thank you,
Tawnya Wood, Illinois

I was glad to see you well and happy that your practice is coming along. I felt elated about my progress, of course, thanks to you and your passion for your profession. I told my wife Imelda that you are more than a hygienist, you are a magician. She sends her regards. We had a lovely time that evening; we had dinner in a quaint French restaurant in Pike Market, Maximilien and the next day visited Discovery Park and did some " minor league" beginners hiking.

I will forever be grateful for your help and attention and promise that I will stay in touch. You do the same!


I am forever grateful to you for saving my front tooth! When I came to see you I was so scared I would have to endure having my tooth pulled and my smile never looking the same again, not to mention the thousands of dollars I was told it would cost to replace this tooth. Keep up the great work you do. I'm sure you will be able to help many people like me!

Jennifer, Seattle


I am so glad I decided to come to you for a second opinion about my teeth. I can't believe this technology isn't routinely used to treat gum problems like mine. When you told me it would only take an hour to treat my front teeth, and I wouldn't need surgery or stitches, I was so relieved! I was so afraid of what I was facing before meeting you. I am so grateful to you, but most of all, I am thrilled to be keeping my own teeth and avoiding the time, expense, and pain of extractions and implants! I can't thank you enough…

Tom, Washington

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