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Regenerative Periodontal Endoscopy - RPE - utilizing periodontal endoscopy technology, is a non-surgical, non-invasive, and cost-effective treatment for periodontal disease. Patients appreciate a non-surgical option, the nearly-painless procedure, and the considerable savings in time and money. Dental professionals appreciate referring their patients for an effective, non-surgical periodontal disease solution.

I just came back from my dental check-up and am ecstatic. As bad as it was (up to 9, 10 and 11mm), now I have a lot of 3, 4 and 5s. My dentist is very pleased by the progress and I had to remind him again that I did not have any surgery at all.

Number #14 was in pretty precarious situation and even you were not sure we could save it or not. Well, we see bone growth albeit very faint but the tooth feels a lot of more solid than last year.

So do you think I should invest in another treatment to aid in the progress? I am still religiously taking all the supplements such as vitamins D, B, C, E, calcium, fish oil, and Periostat. If you think another treatment will be beneficial, I will happy to go up there again.

Thank you,

This is to formally thank you for your services which you provided to me on 24 April 2012. I came to you from Australia because I have an aggressive form of periodontal disease and had limited options for treating it in this country. My dentist was quite certain that I was going to lose my teeth, which was a shocking assessment and prompted me to seek alternate care.

Today I just got back from my dentist here in Sydney. They were very impressed with the outcome of this procedure, and will be contacting you shortly to discuss a few things with you about how to better assist me. It seems that the pockets between my teeth and gum have shrunk considerably and there has been a minimum of gum recession. I hope my dentist will get training from you so that they can offer it here in Sydney.

In all, this was a great outcome. I still don't have perfect teeth, but I believe I've stepped back from the precipice of losing all of my teeth. I have also recommended this service to everyone that complains to me about their teeth. Hopefully you will be able to provide this service soon in Australia, and I'll do whatever I can do to help you with this.

Scott Eggert, Sydney Australia


Please find the attached periodontal probing record performed on Ms. Miller today.  With the exception of tooth #14, the results have been remarkable.

Ms. Miller was understandably happy.  Please include this probing in her chart.

Thank you
Alan E. Friedel, DDS

Dr. Vinayak's comments after presenting the RPE protocol and case studies to 1000 senior and future periodontists at the Indian Society of Periodontology: "I had a huge response from the conference...They were indeed taken back by your protocol which produced a pocket depth reduction of 10 mm...I have given your reference to many clinicians who asked me about this."

I am a UK registered dental hygienist and my relationship with Judy, is that I have reviewed and maintained her patients following RPE treatment. I also know her as I'm a clinical advisor to a US based dental journal and web site which she has also contributed to.

Judy is quite simply a leader in her field and devotes all her clinical time to this form of treatment. She will leave no stone unturned in treating periodontal disease and lives and breathes RPE. My only concern is that she hasn't time to have a life of her own outside of dentistry!

I'm sure that she has informed you that the major benefit of the treatment is that you will achieve surgical results without the surgery.

I highly recommend her to you.

You can check out my details on my web site: and click on 'about us'.

I hope this has helped and I hope everything works out OK for you. Keep me informed.

Kind Regards,
Tim Ives, RDH

Hi Judy,

I am Catherine, a dental hygienist in Washington. Last week we saw Carol, a patient of 10 years. I have personally treated Carol and I am excited and astounded at her health and results after seeing you last August. I would like to learn more about your endoscopy procedures and training. Thank you for taking such good care of Carol and quite possibly, changing the way we treat all our patients in the future. Honestly, this is the most exciting treatment I have ever witnessed in my almost 20 years of practicing dental hygiene.

Catherine, RDH, BS


Pat yourself on the back. You do great work!

Albert Frydman, DDS, MS, Periodontist


I can't thank you enough for allowing me to come to your office and observe RPE. What an eye opening experience this was for me. I have come home with a lot to think about but I definitely think it should be the standard of care for our periodontal patients. You are a wonderful trail blazer, keep leading the way! Thank you so very much and I will be in touch!

Frances Tryon, RDH


Yesterday, I saw a patient you treated in March for 9mm pockets around #15 (where you found some residual orthodontic cement, calculus and occlussal trauma). I am happy to report to you that she now has 2-3mm pockets there and no swelling or bleeding. Thanks for you great work!

I encouraged her to write to you as well. She is thinking about sending her Mom to you as well.

Best regards,
Paul (Gentle Dental)

Dear Judy,

I just wanted to thank you for your time this past Friday.  The information was very interesting and I think the Perioscope is awesome!  I also appreciate the time you spent with me on the 30th when I was observing.  I am very excited to have found someone who is familiar with the Piezo ultrasonic.  I will definitely be calling you for a teaching experience.

Thank you again.  You have sparked something in me!

Talk to you soon,

Dear Judy,

Thank you so much for your presentation on Perioscopy to the Second-Year Hygiene students. It was so interesting and your enthusiasm is inspiring! I'm looking forward to working with you more in the future as you share your vast knowledge on this valuable topic with us.

Have a great holiday!

Take Care,
Carolyn Christensen, RDH
Faculty Shoreline Dental Hygiene Program

Hi Judy --

I LOVE watching you work. I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know what an inspiration you are to me. You teach me something new every time I see you, but more importantly, you make me WANT to be a better hygienist!

I hope your day was a good one - I've got my eyes open wide looking for patients that I know would benefit from your special hands!! Just let me know if we could get together again soon…to play with the scope, like my note said I'm open on Friday Sept 2nd or I could try to open up another Friday if that works better - just let me know if another day is better and I will change my schedule around.

Well, Thanks so much again, for being the passionate hero you are to me. I hope one day to be half as good as you.

Smiles, Bridgette

Dear Judy,

WSDHA wants to thank you for making our symposium a success. We couldn't have done it without you!

Peggy & Jolene

Dear Judy,

Thank you ever so much for the presentation to the Premiere Study Group. Everyone thought you were great!

Daniel Friendman, DDS, PS
Implants and Periodontics

Hi Judy,

You are such an amazing, talented, and intelligent person! You have so much passion and life! It's refreshing to see someone follow their convictions and integrity, following their heart! You are truly a pioneer in your field, and it's such an honor and pleasure to know you and claim you as a friend! Vic and I are very impressed with what you do and your knowledge! We're blessed to know you and you enrich our lives! In whatever you do we will always support you in your quest for excellence. We look forward to seeing you again or learning from you.

God bless-thank you,
Dr. Louanne Bursell, Vic, & Moose


Hello from Anchorage, Alaska! I must write to you to express my gratitude. Because I had come from so far, you allowed me to be the only student in the workshop that day. You arranged for me to see patients and I got hours of hands-on experience with the perioscope. My expectations were exceeded, and my excitement about hygiene was renewed. I have already shared my experience with colleagues and patients alike. You can bet I'll be back for more. Your passion truly inspires me.

Ana Pereira RDH


Thank you so much for letting me come to observe you for the day. You are amazing! I have spent a lot of time and money in courses wondering if they could teach me something I did not know or could not already do better. Watching you was the greatest learning experience I can remember during my lifetime! I would love for you to be my mentor.

Lisa Schulze, RDH

Dear Judy,

Thank you for the informative perio class. Your information was excellent and well organized, with great visuals, well done! I'm perhaps an "old fashioned hygienist" (UW grad '65) and seem to get very good results with conservative techniques-however, it's always best to be informed of the latest technology and approaches to provide our patients with optimal oral health. Keep up your excellent work!

Patty Doyle, RDH

Dear Judy,

Thank you for the informative and very interesting perio presentation. You possess a great deal of passion and pizzazz- a great combination! Keep up the good work!

Dr. Barrett

Dear Mrs. Carroll:

Thank you very much for your presentation of the Non-Surgical and Preventative Periodontics to the members of GSDHS. The material that you presented was very organized and enhanced their understanding of the subject. Member comments were very positive and everyone particularly enjoyed the slides of the before and after cases.

Again, thank you for the excellent presentation.

Andrea Bennett, RDH


Thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with our group! It is much appreciated.

The Lake Washington Dental Hygienists' Society

To dental professionals,

After 25 years as a dental hygienist, I was not expecting to ever see a new protocol that would get me excited about my profession, a protocol that actually works, and raises the bar for patient care.

Last Autumn I decided to see a periodontist because I was losing bone, especially around my mandibular anterior teeth. Not only was there recession, but my colleagues were probing a few 4mm pockets. How could this happen to me, a RDH, with excellent home care, good nutrition, etc., and on a 4 month recall? Well, the periodontist boldly told me that the regular prophies I was getting were inadequate, that hygienists were leaving calculus on all of the roots. He suggested root planing with perioscopy by Judy Carroll, and said "It will make a huge difference."

Well, I immediately got an appointment. When Judy used the perioscope (48X magnification) we could see microscopic and burnished calculus on all of my roots! In each sulcus there was granulation tissue. This was not the fault of the hygienists who were treating me. They are great hygienists. But we cannot remove what we cannot see or feel!

We, in the dental field, have microscopic calculus on our roots, like our patients. How much disease it causes depends on our immune system, how our bodies respond to the calculus and bacteria on the roots. With perioscopy the roots can be thoroughly cleaned. Personally, I don't want any calculus or inflammation subgingivally. I would highly recommend that you, dental professionals, consider perioscopy for yourselves and your patients by Judy Carroll at PerioPeak Innovations.

Kolleen Cole, RDH, BS

Hi Judy,

Thank you for taking the time to speak to me the other night. It was truly inspiring and put a spark back in me that I haven't had in a while. I got into hygiene to make a difference and kind of lost focus somewhere along the way. After talking to you, I posted some of our conversation and your website. My class is truly excited about the perioscopy and hopefully created some buzz in them. Good luck with all that you do, your amazing and don't forget that.

Lisa Behrens RDH


THANK YOU so much for inviting me to your lecture-it was inspirational and very informative. As I gain more experience I hope to work one day for a periodontist who has a perioscope…Even though I haven't been practicing long at all I know that I do not do the best job I can do (no matter how thorough I am) simply because I do it blindly.

I really wish I was at least shown what a perioscope is and what it does while I was in school….Shoreline students are so lucky to have you as their speaker! I am still on the look out for a patient to refer to your practice for tx...

Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, experience, and passion!

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